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Ever since The Mahindra Xuv 500 has hit the road, this car seems to gaining popularity up to such an extent that it is being now tagged as the people’s SUV. No other SUV has probably harvested so much attention within such a short span as this car itself. As a matter of fact, it is said that the car heralds the emergence of Mahindra on the global automobile scene. It also marks the country’s advent for SUV production in the global sector. The whole theory of the car was a highly refined idea. Pressuring more on innovation and a new outlook, it was fully designed keeping in mind a design so unique that is unrivalled by any other SUV in the country today. This Sports Utility Vehicle comes in Standard, Deluxe, and Luxury variants. The Deluxe and the Luxury variants have a number of extended features that make the car even more luxurious and tempting.

But the question is whether the car was worth the hype; let’s see the following specs below to decide it:

Engine & Mileage

It has a fuel efficient engine with a rear-wheel drive, all-aluminum of course. It is a high powered SUV displacing 2179 cc 140 bhp @ 3750 RPM power Diesel engine. It has 6 speed transmissions, one reverse and all synchronized forward gears. This is actually the first time that Mahindra has tried to give an SUV an overall international look with a powerful engine to back it up; moreover, its emission performance also fits all the regulatory requirements. In terms of pollutants; it nearly rivals some of the more expensive luxury SUV’s available in the country. The high fuel efficiency also guarantees that the car has low carbon dioxide emission, thus providing the twin benefits of a high-end affordable luxury SUV with a low carbon footprint. Mileage need not be discussed because SUV’s are known to be gas gulpers; but still, it manages to give 14 kms per liter– a relief for the more mileage conscious buyer.


It has a stylish and comfortable interior, with every feature that you could expect from a car falling in this segment. Designed for a happy family in mind or the avid adventurer; the car has a spacious passenger compartment with generous leg room and head room. The car can comfortably seat 5 people.


The SUV is a big one and has a dominant looking exterior. Designed around the cheetah; this car has an adequate ground clearance. This car can effortlessly move on busy city roads as well as in rural areas. Though big, the car is easy to maneuver and can easily move through crowded city roads too. It is sprayed in different variants and honestly it sticks out beautifully. Its lights have been designed to stick out and seem aggressive to create a visible dominance on the road.

This car did not become a star overnight for no reasons; but it did so because it was highly lauded by the people and the automobile industry in general.

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