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The first few times that I had to sell a car, the whole experience felt horrible to me. I didn’t like dealing with the general public. Especially those that pointed out every single problem about the car I was selling in the hopes of buying it for less.

It was also annoying dealing with time-wasters and those that just didn’t have a clue about anything to do with cars. By the end of it all, I felt a range of emotions such as relief and exhaustion.

But I didn’t let those experiences put me off selling cars in the future. Instead, I decided to find out how I can turn negative experiences into positive ones. And now I’d like to share with you what I have discovered to make selling a car a good and worthwhile thing to do.


Prepare your car for sale

The first thing anyone should do before they try to sell their cars is to prepare it for sale. It’s a process that involves many tasks, but pays dividends in the long-term when you get the most amount of cash for it.

As you know, my early experiences of selling cars involved dealing with “tyre kickers” or timewasters. At the end of the day, such people take up valuable time that you could use to promote your car to people with a genuine interest in it.

Tyre kickers are often people that can’t afford to buy your car. And they expect a ridiculous amount of money knocked off the asking price. In fact, what they offer is pretty insulting, and it just makes you want to punch them in the face!

Getting angry doesn’t do anyone any good, so that’s why you should get smart. The way to do that is to minimise the risk of non-genuine people contacting you about your car.

You should first start off by spending a day or two giving your car a full clean and detail treatment. It’s something that car dealers do every day, and it’s something you need to do as well.

If you don’t mind physical (but rewarding) labour, you could do this yourself. Some people might not have the time to spend washing and detailing their car. Those folks will often hire a professional valeter to do the work for them instead.

The aim is to make your car look like the day it got driven out of the production line. Genuine buyers know that it’s impossible to buy a used car with no wear and tear on it. But if you do your best to make it look like it’s in showroom condition, your car will fetch a higher asking price.

Get your paperwork in order

You will need to give the new owner of your car the V5C document, also known as the “log book.” It proves that you are the car’s owner, or that you have a legal right to sell the car. Without the V5C document, you cannot tax the car or show proof of ownership.

Other documents you should have are the car’s current MOT certificate and its service history. Some people even keep past MOT certificates. But it’s not necessary as you can check the MOT history for any car online for free.

The more documentation you have for your car, the better. It shows prospective buyers that you maintain the car to a satisfactory and roadworthy level. I recommend keeping your car’s paperwork in a ring binder folder. Consider using clear A4 “wallets” to keep the documents free from dirt and accidental liquid spills.


Remember the new tax rules

At the beginning of this month, the rules surrounding car tax got changed. Of significant importance is the fact that cars no longer need a tax disc displayed on the windscreen!

When you sell a car, it is important that you apply for a refund on any remaining tax that your car has. You can no longer transfer any remaining tax to the new keeper; they have to apply for tax once they buy the car from you.

These new rules apply to all cars where tax is not exempt. As a seller, the good news for you is that you will end up with a bit of extra cash from the sale of your car! The buyer of your car can apply for tax on the same day they buy the car by visiting a post office during opening hours. Of course, they can also get their car taxed online.

Think about how you want to sell your car

Now that you’ve got the legal stuff out of the way, the next step is to decide how you wish to sell your car! As you know, there are several ways to sell a car in the UK these days. Most people sell their cars online through one of various methods.

Few people tend to use local newspaper advertisements. That’s because of their non-interactive nature and low readership numbers. As you are reading this blog post, I will assume that you have a computer that’s connected to the Internet.

If you’re not keen on trading in your car for your new one, I recommend using websites like Scotland Car Buyer for a quick sale. In a nutshell, these sites offer you an amount based on your car’s condition.

Once they inspect it and confirm that everything is in order, they can pay you for your car in a short period. Such methods are so much quicker than listing classifieds adverts online. And the offers you receive are usually higher than what a dealer would offer you!

Some folks don’t mind waiting for the “right” price and prefer to sell via a classified advert. The only trouble with this approach is that you could be waiting weeks, months or even years to get the price you want!

You should also bear in mind that many people will haggle with you on the price, especially if your advert says something like “ONO” in the description! At the end of the day, it’s up to you how you want to sell your car.

I just recommend using the best and least-hassle option that suits you. Good luck with your car sale!

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