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We all know that car engines aren’t designed for infinite operation. Like any mechanical device, motors need regular maintenance to ensure a long life. Some folks do little maintenance to their motors, and it’s those guys that always have to buy new cars every two or three years!

But what about people like Irv Gordon and his three-million mile Volvo P1800? All he did was just service and maintain it when he had to! Of course, there are few cars in the world that have such mileage on the original engine.

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What are the secrets of achieving such success? It turns out that there aren’t any secrets at all! It just comes down to knowledge and common sense. Today’s blog post will show you how to keep your motor working forever!

Read your car’s manual

The owner’s manual that came with your car will tell you how best to maintain your workhorse. It will offer you information on when you should service your car and what work to carry out.

It will also tell you at what intervals the work needs to get carried out! A car’s owner’s manual is like an automotive bible. Every car owner needs to study their owner’s manual, so that they can get the best out of their cars.

Some newer cars have on-board “computer” systems that will tell you when you need to service your car. They might be as simple as lighting up a yellow warning light on your dashboard. Or they might give you a proper written notice on your infotainment system!

Check your motor’s fluids each week

You need to perform a ritual of sorts. Every weekend, for instance, open up the hood and check the fluid levels in your car’s engine.

The things to check include engine oil, coolant and brake fluid. Also check the transmission fluid and power steering fluid. If any fluids are getting low, top them up. Make a mental (or physical) note of when you topped them up.

If you have to keep topping them up, it might mean you have a leak somewhere. Usually, you can spot engine leaks by having a look at the ground where you park your car. If there are oil patches, your motor has sprung a leak somewhere!

Don’t drive your car like you stole it!

All engines have a safe operating area, and it’s important that you stick to that. Some drivers (usually younger ones) tend to “redline” their cars on each gear change.

Stephen from rrg-group.com says that gear changes should be smooth. And you shouldn’t abuse your engine – especially from cold! If you drive your car’s motor hard, you can end up wearing out many components sooner than expected.

Save money for repairs

The final piece of advice I can give you is to save up a pot of money! You can then use this money for any expensive repairs. Don’t forget that all cars have components that wear after a while.

Some of those parts will be expensive to replace, but doing so will ensure that your engine runs forever. Good luck!

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