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Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car 2015

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In next Summers in Europe, Toyota is ready to launch its new Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sedan in UK. The car is said to have amazing efficiency which will make you forget about the electronic vehicles (EVs), making it the car of the future.

According to CNET report, Toyota has decided to launch its first hydrogen fuel cell Sedan for 40,000 Pounds to compete among all the electric cars in the European market.

Jim Lentz, CEO of Toyota’s North American Region, stated that the hydrogen fuel cell cars will prove to give extra mileage on a longer route as compared to electric cell cars. Sounds Great!

The Biggest Challenge for Toyota

  • Higher Price
  • Hydrogen fueling Station Infrastructure

To meet the challenges, it is said, Toyota is taking measures to support the production of hydrogen fuel cell Sedans in 2015 with the financial support of various states but if we look at the economic situation of Europe and other countries, it seems like a tough road ahead for the new car to come in public in bigger quantity. The actual news is still to come by the Toyota auto experts in UK.


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