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AMG is working hard to introduce the new Mercedes AMG GT for the year 2016; the new car was spotted on the track. The sale of new AMG GT is expected to start in 2016. The new sports car is based on the GT3 race car, which was earlier revealed at Geneva Motor Show this year. This car will not take the GT3 name for production nor the Black Series moniker reserved for hardcore models of AMG.

According to Mercedes-AMG Boss Tobias Moers, “The Black Series name stays. It will be necessary in the future, but for now the base cars are so good. The Black Series must be at the top of the hill, but I don’t know when or on what model yet.”

The new spy pictures of AMG GT reveals a new car with large fixed rear wing and the new winglets on the bonnet. And a new refined bumper as well. The car is expected to be 80KG lighter than the SLS model. And the carbonfibre body further reduces the body weight of the car.

The new car will extract power from 4.0 litre Twin-Turbo V8 engine and expected to produce around 550bhp. The car engine will be modified to produce extreme power. According to Tobias Moers, “That doesn’t mean we can get 700bhp from the V8 – it is not as simple as that – but the V8 is currently very under stressed.”

The top speed is expected to remain the same, but the power to weight ratio will be greater that will result in more powerful acceleration. AMG is also working on aerodynamics to provide more control over the car.

The new car will greatly reduce the Nurburgring race track lap time, which was previously 7 min 30 seconds for AMG GT. The new car is expected to be more powerful with sports modifications on the car. However, the new features are yet to be revealed by Mercedes AMG.

Original images can be seen on Auto Car website.



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