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£38,465 - £49,635

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On November 17, 2013
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You have to make a bold choice if you are deciding to buy Mercedes Benz E Class Cabriolet because resale values are not strong.

Mercedes Benz E Class Cabriolet is a decent choice when you are looking for a joy-able ride. Our review is based on analysis of various E Class Cabriolet reviews published online.  It is a four seater cabriolet that provides good comfortable ride for all the passengers. There is a long choice of engines according to your driving demands and you will get loads of equipment as standard.

If you are looking for balance of economy with performance, then you should consider the E250 CDI AMG Sport. It offers good performance and smooth ride. Compared with BMW 3 Series Convertible, it lacks behind dream ride.

Mercedes Benz E Class Cabriolet is a perfect blend of performance and comfort, but most of the car reviewers aren’t happy with the performance.

Mercedes Benz E Class Cabriolet Price

Model Price
Cabriolet E220 CDI SE £38,465
Cabriolet E220 CDI AMG £41,085
Cabriolet E200 AMG £41,800
Cabriolet E250 CDI AMG £44,100
Cabriolet E350 BlueTEC AMG £45,840
Cabriolet E400 AMG Sport Plus £49,635

Power & Performance

Most of the buyers will prefer the entry level E220 CDI SE for having a low cost cabriolet. The properly powered E400 AMG Sport Plus is real performance generator. The E350 BlueTEC AMG Sport diesel version is a good buy with sports suspension. The lower version diesel model is under powered, but it works perfectly fine for a cabriolet.

There is special soft suspension fitted in SE model that enhance the E Class calm and comfort ride. On the other hand, AMG versions are more frugal with less comfortable ride thanks to their firmer sports suspension that spoils the ride. You don’t need to be disappointed because there is plenty of road grip in AMG models providing more tight and smooth cornering on winding roads.

When you are sitting in a convertible, you feel like all the air in the world is on your face and hair. It is not the case with Mercedes Benz E Class Convertible thanks to Aircap gadget. Wind noise is also minimum when the roof is up.

Interior & Exterior

As a tradition with Mercedes Benz, the seats comes with plenty of adjustment option. You will enjoy the comfortable seats and the ride. All the buttons are properly placed without confusing the driver. There isn’t too much space available inside the car, but it will accommodate adults and boot space is disappointing too.

There are plenty of interior features as standard like Online SAT-Nav system, DAP Radio, Active Parking Assist, and the AMG version adds sportier kit, large alloys, leather seats, LED headlights and stiff suspension.

Safety & Reliability

It is one of the safest cars with headbags to improve safety during accident. E Class also comes with roll over protection and reinforced windscreen. There is driver drowsiness detection system that alerts the driver and pop-up bonnet for pedestrian’s safety. The intelligent drive system can view the 50 meters ahead for obstructions and alert you for inconvenience.

There is no report for breakdown or call-backs for the cabriolet. It has also received good rating from JD Power ownership satisfaction survey. Moreover, you are also protected with official Mercedes Benz mileage warranty.

eBest Cars Verdict

You have to make a bold choice if you are deciding to buy Mercedes Benz E Class Cabriolet because resale values are not strong. The diesel engines are the best buy they are frugal and economical with competitive CO2 emissions. It is not the greenest car around, but low CO2 emissions means you are paying less for the taxes.

Mercedes Benz E Class Cabriolet Pictures

You have to make a bold choice if you are deciding to buy Mercedes Benz E Class Cabriolet because resale values are not strong.

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