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We did separate review for Mercedes Benz E Class coupe. It is built on the Mercedes Benz E Class framework. We have analyzed different published reviews and test drive data for Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe. The Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe is a pure luxury car with stylish design and a long list of high tech safety features.

It is not high performing two door car, but the V8 powered E550 is quite impressive. The 2010 Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe has no serious competitors in its class and it’s the one perfect luxury coupe for everyone. So many things are like E Class Sedan, but you cannot compare two cars with each other. However, it shares the same engine, but it is built on smaller chassis of the C Class Sedan. Mercedes says that the car is the inheritor to the 2009 CLK coupe, but E Class Coupe shares safety features with E Class Sedan. It is more powerful and advanced than the old CLK. New Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe has a unique standard and design. It is perfectly designed two door comfort oriented car with a sporty look. If you are looking for a pure sport coupe, then it is not a perfect sports coupe. The V8 powered E550 coupe got the sporty acceleration, but the V6 E350 is not so much impressive. There is nothing to criticize because both trims are worth driving.

Reviewers are not happy with sluggish handling that you can expect from luxury coupe car, but some of the test drivers love the crispy handling. However, Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe makes a strong statement that no other car can match. The attractive design that you cannot ignore and the coupe luxury is all you need. It is said to be the perfect photo shoot coupe.

This car is purely a gift from Mercedes to its fans and there are not many other cars to compete with. If you are looking for a perfect sports coupe, you can try BMW 3 Series Coupe or Audi A5. The Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe is suitable for those who are looking for sport coupe design with a luxury ride.

If you are looking for a safest car, then this might be the best choice in Coupe. E Class Coupe comes with exceptional safety features, including whole new Attention Assist System that tries to awake a sleepy driver. The E Class Coupe comes with V6 E350 and V8 E550 engine, which provides reasonable power, but the price is very high.

Mercedes Ben E Class Coupe Price


Average Paid: $43,939 – $49,872, MSRP: $48,050 – $54,650, Invoice: $44,686 – $50,824

Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe Ratings:


Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe Performance: 4.1 (Good)

Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe Exterior: 4.7 (Very Good)

Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe Interior: 4.8 (Very Good)

Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe Safety: 4.7 (Very Good)

Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe Reliability: 4.0 (Good)

Power & Performance


The majority of reviewers say that the year 2010 E Class provides delicate, enjoyable drive, however, does not have the sporty personality of some other luxurious two door vehicles. A couple of reviewers discover the E Class Coupe to be a well balanced, effective sports coupe; nonetheless, they are generally those reviewers who drove only the more costly E550 model. People looking for a coupe that provides an exceptional sports performance might be better offered with a BMW 3 Series.

The Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe comes with 3.5 liter V6 engine, which produces 268 horsepower and the E550 trim comes with 5.5 liter V8 producing 382 horsepower. Both the engines provide comfortable, luxury highway drive. On our analysis of published reviews, we found reviewers are not happy with V6 engine performance. The cars that are advertised by Mercedes are V8 E550 Sedans. It is to get more people interested in power of Mercedes Benz. The V8 engine is something to discuss, and it is remarkably quick.

You have to pay extra, but it worth the money. However, there is not advertising about quick acceleration in V8 model. Both the model comes with standard seven speed automatic transmission, which can be shifted manually. The fuel economy is good for the class that shows 17 mpg in city and 26 mpg on high with E350. The V8 E550 records 15 mpg city and 23 mpg on highway. If we compare with CLK Coupe, the E Class Coupe is the more powerful and sporty handler. However, if you compare it with other sports coupes, then it will stay behind. There is no competitor in this class for E Class Coupe, but the best alternative would be BMW 3 Series.

Interior & Exterior

Many consider the Mercedes Benz E Class is the benchmark design that sets the same tone for all Mercedes vehicles. And same was followed for the E Class Coupe for 2010. The interior emphasizes on traditional luxury. There are many modern, high tech electronics, but the overall theme is perfect to match with the design. In new model Aluminum and walnut trim is used less. The interior is focused on leather and soft touch surfaces.

Usually the dimensions of every Coupe are smaller than sedans, but reviewers say that the cabin is good. The E Class Coupe is available with two sport seats and two bucket seats in the back or optional multi contour seats from the S Class Sedan.

These seats are highly comfortable and recommended for people with back problems. The car provides seating for four, but if you need more space, you can choose E Class Sedan. However, the seating is good for a coupe. The interior is stylish and luxurious to suit the long drives. Most of the reviewers discuss the Mercedes COMAND interface, which is difficult to use. There is a single knob that works with navigation screen to control all climate and entertainment functions. However, on a comparison the new version of COMAND system is much easier to use than the old version. If you are looking for a luxury coupe, then E Class Coupe is the only available choice. The trunk space is adequate, which provides 15.9 cubic feet of space, the same measurement with E Class sedan. There are no complaints about storage from the reviewers.

The exterior design is attractive and approved by many reviewers. Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe is a good looking car when on the road. There are many exterior features like LED tail lights with striking night design, sleek coupe roof line, and sleek design.

Safety & Reliability


There are many safety features, but the car is not yet crash tested. There are nine airbags standard, including drivers’ side knee airbags. The new light weight steel frame is used to build the car. There are other advanced safety features like Attention Assist System, Adaptive high beam assist, Brake Assist Plus, and other optional safety features.

Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe comes with a new vehicle limited warranty, which covers 48 months or 50,000 miles warranty and roadside assistance included throughout the warranty period. Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe is the best luxury coupe to drive.


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