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Our review is based on our own analysis of different published car reviews of Mercedes Benz E Class, test drive data and automotive critique reviews. The Mercedes Benz E Class is a mainstay of the manufacturer that continues to demonstrate what this company tries to do with a saloon model. The last version that was launched in 2003 was a great example of Mercedes trying too hard and including latest technology without making sure that no reliability problems appeared. The new model is focused on durability and solidity while the extra equipment that can be added is highly attractive to all people that love company cars. Most are talking about the diesel technology included, which is of really low emission but we should also mention the fact that most of the engines that are used are truly impressive. An extra attention goes to CDI diesels.

Different car reviewers who have test driven the car have said that it has everything they expected. The Mercedes Benz E Class is smooth, comfortable, large, powerful, quick and really quiet. When you drive it, you feel surrounded by a luxurious environment and handling is highly relaxed in contrast to the sporting feel of other cars. The technology included is of the highest quality possible, and all that you look at is basically controlled electronically. We are in front of a car that impresses even when analyzing the small details. For example, head rests will be lower when you have an unoccupied passenger seat and the controls to adjust the DVD screen angle are tremendous.

Competition is tough for Mercedes Benz E Class because too many good-quality cars to choose from such as Jaguar XF, BMW 5 Series Saloon, and Audi A6 Saloon. BMW is head to head with Mercedes-Benz and stayed ahead in the competition. However, Mercedes have improved the new version of E Class leaving no room to stay behind.

Mercedes Benz E Class Prices

The prices will vary a lot based on exactly what Mercedes Benz E Class model you are thinking about buying. The low starting price is of £29,170 for the SE E 220 CDI Blue Efficiency Edition 125 manual model. The highest price tag is noticed with the Petrol E 500 Edition Automatic 125 Sport Model at £51,250.

Power and Performance

There are 4 main diesel engines and 2 petrol engines that are offered for the public. The one that holds the least power is E200 CDI with 136bhp. The engine is diesel based and ever since the launch it was a success due to the power and the low CO2 emissions. We are in front of a possible 0 to 62 mph in 10 seconds with the automatic model and 9.7 with the manual model. This is more than enough for most tastes out there and if you want something stronger you can always opt for one of the higher end engines.

The Top E Class diesel model is the E350 CDI, a 3.0 litres engine with an automatic 7 speeds gearbox. It offers 231bhp and is capable of reaching 62 mph in a very impressive 6.8 seconds. The engine is capable of reaching 154 mph. We also have a new turbocharged direct injection range of petrol engines that replaces the 4 cylinder motors of the past E-Class models.

Interior & Exterior

The SE models include Artico artificial leather in a combination with an extra layer padding under seat covers. We gain access to electronic climate controls as a standard feature and there are even upgrades for sophisticated systems that will offer different controls for all passengers. You can put your hands on various upgrades for seats and many other features that make the interior of the car feel luxurious and comfortable.

The exterior is exactly what you would expect from Mercedes Benz. The entire E Class looks really well, and every single design aspect has been thoroughly thought out. Even if the car has more room now, it is still highly aerodynamic and wind noise is almost completely eliminated. However, from the outside, you will think that the engine is noisy although the insulation is perfect and inside the car you will not be disturbed at all.

Safety & Reliability

E-Class gained the Euro NCAP 5 star rating, and you will surely love all the additions that make the model highly reliable like electronic stability control. There are also some unique features that you are going to definitely love in a combination with additional features that are first noticed. Safety standards are really high, and you will have 7 airbags as standard although a maximum of 9 can be ordered as extra safety features. Another safety features you might want to know about are Active bonnet, Attention Assist, Pre-Safe, Adaptive High-beam Assist, Night View Assist and 4 seat-belt pre-tensioners.

Past model buyers had problems with the car when talking about reliability, but they have been solved and the higher standard noticed now is something that we expected from Mercedes Benz.

eBest Cars Verdict

Bottom line is that the new E-Class offers a lot when talking about safety, refinement, comfort and overall quality. The CO2 emissions are very good and fuel economy is great with. The only thing that you might not like is the fact that thrusting drive ability is lower than the competition, but we are in front of a conservative model. E Class falls in the tax band E – M and the running costs are higher. You are likely to get a deal on Auto Insurance, but the costs are higher. You can visit Aviva Car Insurance for the best deal for your Mercedes Benz E Class.


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