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Ahmad Wali
£83,805 - £123,975

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On February 18, 2014
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Mercedes Benz G-Class is one of the strongest off-road options available in the market. It is built purely for safaris, mountain climbings and river crossings.

Mercedes Benz G-Class has a great off-road capability. It is built to provide pure off-road experience in a luxury way. You can customize the interior according to your taste. It is a traditional 4×4 that is not easy to drive within the city. Running costs are extremely high that makes the G-Class less desirable to many potential buyers.

Previously reviewed Toyota Land Cruiser and Cadillac Escalade scores higher ratings than Mercedes Benz G-Class in every aspect. However, you will stand out on UK roads when you decide to buy this SUV.

Mercedes Benz G-Class Price

It is available in only two trims 4×4 G350 BlueTEC and 4×4 G63 AMG starting at £83,805 and £123,975 respectively.

Power & Performance

You have a choice of two engines: 3.0 litre V6 diesel producing 208bhp and 5.5 litre petrol V8 producing whooping 537bhp. The 3.0 litre diesel pushes the car reasonably, but the V8 engine is a true game changer. You also get smooth seven speed automatic gearbox with both the engines.

It is not built for to run inside the city and the driving will make you feel tired. The true potential can be explored during off-roading. It is a heavy car and not easy to manoeuvre on tight corners. Strong chassis makes the bouncy ride on the road and easily taken off.

You will hear a lot of noise thanks to huge tyres and windscreen. You can hear the engine noise too, which is quite appealing on G63 AMG version. The seven speed transmission system is not that smooth and does not always up to the mark.

Interior & Exterior

The dashboard gives a look and feel of a high-end Mercedes and it is very easy to use. It has a little difference because the gear lever is mounted on centre console. Instead of foot break or push button, there is a traditional hand break. You get a good driving position, but you cannot adjust the seats freely.

You might be expecting a lot of space inside the car considering the size of the SUV, but there is enough room to accommodate five passengers. Boot space is less than most of the SUVs including the Range Rover. You can adjust the car’s ride height according to your comfort.

The SUV of this class comes pre-loaded with plenty of features. The G-Class features heated leather seats, climate control, Mercedes Command Infotainment system, and internet connectivity. However, everything looks meaningless when the car starting price is over £80k.

Safety & Reliability

Don’t go on the looks because it is loaded with modern day safety equipment like 8 airbags, advanced traction control system, Brake assists that detects emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring system, and two way protection system. It is not crash tested by Euro NCAP or any other vehicle safety authority.

Cabin is no doubt made of high quality materials that you will expect from the price you are paying. However, Mercedes didn’t score well in reliability survey as compared to BMW and Audi. You are covered with Mercedes Benz limited warranty as well.

eBest Cars Verdict

G-Class is an old school SUV that is almost the same as it was 20 years ago. Running costs are too high and the purchase price will also cost you a fortune. There are many alternatives at lower price available that offers better driving experience. G-Class produces 295g/km CO2 emissions with 25.2mpg fuel economy and the G63 model produces 322g/km of CO2. It falls in tax band M, which means you will be paying £1,065 of tax first year.

Mercedes Benz G-Class Pictures

Mercedes Benz G-Class is one of the strongest off-road options available in the market. It is built purely for safaris, mountain climbings and river crossings.

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