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The Mercedes Benz S Class sits at the very top of the luxury class. It is the car that sets the bar for all others, and the only one that is typically referenced as the best car in the world. It is the car that Cadillac, Jaguar and German pair Audi and BMW measure themselves against. It is the only car that gets pitted against the highly regarded Range Rover, and in many cases, it outclasses this luxury SUV. Simply put, it is one of the best cars ever made.

2014 Mercedes Benz S Class

2014’s model follows in the footsteps of its predecessors with a few differences. It is as big and comfortable, but the focus has shifted from sporty performance to comfort and driver assistance. The technology that is in this Mercedes is astounding, so much so that even as the driver, you feel like you are being driven. This was perhaps to be expected since it is the car which the manufacturer chooses to debut its technological advancements and discoveries.



The Mercedes Benz S Class brand makes a testament on its own without having to resort to extensive styling. This lesson seems to have hit home because 2014’s version contains a more understated appeal that befits this big German saloon. Its exterior is not jaw-dropping, but it is more streamlined and its refreshed grille design and other little design elements lend to it an imposing presence that is easy to appreciate. It is most stunning in black.

The car is available in an array of powertrains, the most popular being the standard V6 diesel and turbocharged V8 petrol. For the really power-hungry, there is a twin-turbo V12. Transmission is a 7-speed automatic, and there are two wheelbase versions, the long one being the more likeable, as it offers rear-seat passengers acres of space.



The interior of the Mercedes Benz S Class has always been one of its defining characteristics. Stepping into the car feels like stepping into a whole other world. Everything has that quality feel to it as only quality leather and metal are used. The instrument cluster is very elaborate and intuitively laid out. Two big LCD displays with animated graphics let you control the different features of the car.

The plush leather seats offer a hot stone massage because why not? The rear seats have a reclining feature and leg rests to enhance comfort. Considering just how much cabin space this full-size luxury car has to offer, the feature fits right in. It has the quietest interior of any car.


You can fiddle with the interior lighting in seven different ways. There’s a fragrance system as well that can be adjusted to match your mood. The features are so abundant that it is impossible to highlight even a fraction of them. One of them however stands out, and it is called Magic Body Control. It senses any unevenness on the road and adjusts the suspension so that you feel nothing. Instead of reacting to any tarmac imperfections, it predicts them, and adapts accordingly.

The ride is incredibly smooth, as we have come to expect of the S Class. It will do 0-60 in a mere 4.8 seconds which is all the more impressive when you consider how big and heavy the car is. Torque is consistently delivered and the throttle response is always on point. With the highly responsive steering and host of assistive features that help with braking, accelerating and even steering, it feels like you have little to do but sit back and enjoy the ride, even in the driver’s seat.


The Conclusion

The S-Class was never designed for the faint of heart, or the frugal. It is a full size luxury car that is built without any regard to cost. As such it is one of the most expensive cars in its class. Autonomous driving hasn’t been achieved yet, despite the many features that may suggest it. However the experience it offers is as close as it gets.

There is so much 2014 Mercedes S Class does right. The styling is subtle yet lovable, the ergonomics right, the ride pleasurable and the gadgetry exhaustive. You needn’t struggle to find the reason why this will continue to be the greatest German export. It’s hard to talk of the best cars without frequently referencing this marvelous piece of auto-engineering perfection.

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