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With regards to luxurious journey and travel, number of vehicles such as Rolls Royce, BMW iDrive and Audi’s MMI may complement the Mercedes S-Class. Mercedes is a personification car with four-door saloon which has superiority with unmatched example associated with elegance. Car’s interior shields a person with the outer world with a superbly designed interior which mixes traditional as well as contemporary components. Mercedes Benz S-Class is amazing luxurious vehicle manufactured from the best resources in order to meet demanding requirements. Large upon design, style and overall performance, this particular vehicle is among the planet’s genuinely excellent vehicles.

Extraordinary enhancement of S-Class particularly changed the face of luxurious car. Going back in year 1951, the opening ceremony of Frankfurt Motor Display, here is exactly where Mercedes Benz offered new six cylindrical shaped two hundred and twenty vehicles in public. The very first of those to become formally specified ‘S-Class’, the actual W 116 series premiered in 1972.  S-Class is sleek, rapid and extremely refined. In spite of its scope and dimension, it uses the sophistication as well as swiftness of the car. The inbuilt suspension, changes by itself to match the road area, which avoids car body to reel, also the navigation steering, is extremely receptive which gives classy feeling while driving. Mercedes Benz S class moves in a smooth way that over speeding is not realized so have a detailed attention about the speed of the car, although the engine is really quiet, a person won’t understand precisely how quick it is heading. Mercedes Benz S- Class V 8 on petrol is very quick however 320 CDI diesel engine would be cheap and can drift more.


Mercedes Benz S-Class Saloon price starts from £60,140 to £163,580 with a target price of £56,517 to £153,667. Its fuel consumption is excellent i.e. Fuel per 100 miles ranges from £16 to £32. Leasing of the vehicle would cost £679 per month and if used car is purchased it would cost round about £2300


Performance: 4.7 (Very Good)

Exterior: 4.8 (Very Good)

Interior: 4.6 (Very Good)

Safety: 5.0 (Excellent)

Reliability: 4.5 (Very Good)

Value For Money: 4.7 (Excellent)

Power & Performance:

Since 1972, the title S- Class is symbol of comfort, ease, state-of-the-art technologies and obviously revolutionary security techniques all together customized in one car. ABS system, ESP and the airbag for example came into existence within an S-Class, which continued as a trend setter with regard to vehicles of all brands of the same category.

At first there have been 3 gas motor engines and one diesel-powered within the Mercedes Benz S-Class series. High quality may be the S600 that utilizes a enormous 5. 5-litre V12 motor engine along with double turbochargers to provide a remarkably 517bhp along with a 0-62mph period associated with 4.6 seconds. The S series also have 5. 5-litre V8 along with 383bhp, providing the storming 0-62mph within the period associated with 5.4 seconds. Also it contains lower range of S350, the 3. 5-litre V6 motor engines along with 272bhp that is extremely sleek as well as peaceful. The only single diesel-powered engine is S320 CDI that utilizes exactly the same 3. 0 litre V6 motor engines are available as numerous additional Mercedes versions.  It has somewhat reduced speed however it has much more tugging energy with regard to overtaking of particular vehicle. Just about all versions of S600 possess an automated gearbox having seven speed drift. Automatic gears are changed smoothly and it has the alternate selection to change gears manually with a buttons specially designed on rear side of the steering wheel.

Interior & Exterior

Mercedes Benz S-Class Saloon contains noise proof double-glazed glass windows together with a good aerodynamic body structure; the car cabin has really a peaceful atmosphere and protects people from the exterior world. All of the interior material is associated with a superior quality and everything seems as though it’s been designed without incurring any cost and just for you. The luxury car has spacious interior and comfortable seats. On long routes, one can obtain a substantial legroom in back seats. The front leading seats are manufactured with massaging function through which we can sense comfort and relaxation.

The S- Class Interior consists of glistening aluminium, leather-based cut, mirror-polished high quality wood are perceptible luxury. One button Command that regulates stereo system in order to tune from Sat Nav, which you’ll observe on the colour display like the BMW i-Drive as well as Audi’s MMI have with their interior. In addition the vehicle has infrared headlights which will make simpler to observe through the night.

Safety & Reliability

A state of the art designed security system with 8 air-bags to ensure guaranteed safety. Radar can identify items when any sort of accident appears most likely, system reacts through providing the most enhanced braking system if a pedal is not pushed. Additionally, it shuts all windows as well as sunroof and adjust the seats to place the person within the greatest placement for that airbags to operate. Additionally, system picks up the mass of the traveller and propel up the airbag appropriately.

In 2000s the standards were not met by Mercedes but since that time many things are enhanced significantly and the S-Class is a well-built and very long lasting. There has been several recalls although, primarily concern with entire body manage program on S500 as well as S600 versions. The actual paintwork functions ‘Nano particle’ technologies exactly where small ceramic contaminants tend to be inlayed inside the fresh paint providing this higher opposition in order to rubbing to make sure this retains its display gloss longer.


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