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On September 15, 2013
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Mercedes Benz SLK is a classy looking roadster that offers blend of features, but you may find many negative reviews when it is compared with rivals like BMW and Audi.

The amazing hard roofed Mercedes Benz SLK is a stylish and luxury Cabriolet Roadster. Our review is based on various car reviews published online for Mercedes Benz SLK UK version. It is pre-equipped with plenty of luxury features and safety kit. However, most of the car reviewers are not happy with four cylinder engine because of its noise and less power. Interior dashboard isn’t impressive because all the control buttons are closely placed.

Mercedes Benz SLK Roadster is fun to drive and a nice car on its own way. Although, Audi A5 Cabriolet and Audi TT Roadster offer more thrilling driving experience in same price. Practically, you won’t feel any issues with Mercedes Benz SLK as classified on different website. It is an excellent choice for people looking to buy classy roadster with luxury and performance.

Mercedes Benz SLK Price



Open SLK200 CGI


Open SLK250 CDI


Open SLK200 CGI AMG Sport


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Open SLK250 CDI AMG Sport


Open SLK250 CGI AMG Sport


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Open SLK55 AMG


Power & Performance

There is a choice of four petrol engines; two turbocharged engines 1.8 litre, 3.5 litre V6 and there is 5.5 V8. The V6 3.5 engine produces 306bhp and V8 5.5 produces 416bhp both the engines are frugal. On the other hand, 1.8 engines are short of performance, but offer good fuel economy as compared to the powerful engines. When you are buying a car from such a class, performance can never be neglected. The best choice is 5.5 V8 that produces roaring sound and quick acceleration. The diesel version is good and there are no negative reviews about the performance.

There is not much to talk about SLK handling because if you compare with rivals, it may fall short when it comes to fun driving. The sports model is not up to the expectations and it will not match BMW Z4. These statements are by most of the car reviewers, but we recommend trying Mercedes Benz SLK because we did not feel any issues with handling on a test ride provided by Mercedes Lover!

When it comes to looks, you cannot ignore Mercedes Benz SLK because German designers have worked on every inch of the car. The curvy lines will make people turn their heads and the back lights look impressive. Interior is also calm and there is not much wind noise inside the car. However, you will feel tyre noise and wind noise on motorway speeds.

Interior & Exterior

Interior is luxurious and seating is comfortable thanks to plenty of seat adjustment options. There are number of small dashboard buttons that will make you confuse for the moment. It is loaded with plenty of standard features.

Front two seats are comfortable and provide sufficient space for tall drivers and passenger. There is enough space in the boot when the roof is up and cabin is also spacious.

Safety & Reliability

There are no reliability issues when it comes to quality of the vehicle. The interior build quality is good that will give you premium feel. It is an improved car from previous model that received average rating from JD Power survey. Mercedes-Benz is good with making safest cars and the Attention Assist System helps tired drivers to stay focus. There are six airbags and stability control to keep you safe. There is also crash protection system and pop-up bonnet for pedestrian protection. When the roof is up, car is safer to drive. There is no latest crash test rankings data available for SLK on Euro NCAP.

eBest Cars Verdict

We have not much to complain because it is fun to drive car and you cannot complain about anything. However, if you are a hardcore car lover, then you may feel some of the disappointments in the car. Running costs are average thanks to low CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. The CO2 emissions will remain between 131-140 g/km to 186-200 g/km and tax rates will remain £125-£260 per year.

Mercedes Benz SLK Pictures

Mercedes Benz SLK is a classy looking roadster that offers blend of features, but you may find many negative reviews when it is compared with rivals like BMW and Audi.

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