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Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster is no doubt a masterpiece of a sports car. You cannot expect the car of its class to come cheap and have economical values. People who wants to buy will own it anyway.

It may not really matter what preconceptions you already have for open-top sports cars, especially those that are high-priced; it does not hold for the Mercedes Benz SLS Roadster. This sports car gives a fluid feel while driving as a result of the changes effected by Mercedes that has helped to bring rigidity to the car, bearing in mind that it has no fixed roof.

The SLS roadster has great body control with much more levels of feedback; and generally, the riding characteristics have been improved. Its firm performance and inspiring grip makes it unique among its rivals. Not forgetting its powerful noise when revved with its V8 engine, that makes you want to own the car.

Mercedes Benz SLS Roadster Price

Model Price
Roadster 6.2 V8 AMG £176,985

Power and Performance

The Mercedes Benz SLS Roadster is great in its performance, speeding up to an outstanding 62mph in just about 3.8 seconds. And perhaps the excitement starts when the noise from its engine comes alive on top speed – especially as there isn’t any roof to filter the sounds.

The tires of the SLS are exceptionally large ones with 19- and 20-inch wheels at the front and at the back respectively. Its advanced traction and in-built stability systems provides the power to negotiate bends easily. Though not very sharp, it also boasts of a good steering.

Interior & Exterior

One major attribute of the SLS roadster is its impressive beauty, which is really stunning. Whether you love retro designs or not, you will find the interior of this sports car particularly inspiring. This combines well with the open top to give its exterior a unique appearance, different from its siblings.

The cozy roof has thick layer of fabric that can fold up into its position within 11 seconds, at a speed of about 31mph. The SLS roadster also has an impressive boot space for luggage.

Instead of the gull-wing styled door of the coupe, the SLS roadster has a more normal door type that makes it much lighter and easier to enter the car. There are new features incorporated into the SLS roadster, it now has a fixed rollover hoops, the door trims have become better and the rear fenders are also altered.

The other luxuries that could be found in any super car are all present, such as keyless ignition, satellite navigation, as well as other first class features. Not forgetting its Bang & Olufsen stereo.

Safety & Reliability

Generally, Mercedes has a record of reliability. So even though the SLS is not especially stylish with its retro interior design, it also commands an appreciable level of solidity.

As long as safety is concerned, the Mercedes Benz SLS boasts of eight airbags. It also has an advanced 3-staged control system for stability. The truth is that, no other car in the super car category possesses such technology for security on board. So the SLS balances its unstylish interior with a superb security technology system that can really protect it.

eBest Cars Verdict

Well, the SLS roadster is a supercar and so won’t come cheap. Nevertheless, when compared to its next rivals, it measures up well with its unique features. Though pricey, it makes up for that with its sleek look and powerful security features.

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster is no doubt a masterpiece of a sports car. You cannot expect the car of its class to come cheap and have economical values. People who wants to buy will own it anyway.

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