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The original MINI was launched in 2001 and ever since that day it constantly grew in popularity. We can now say that everyone knows what this car looks like and this model is iconic. The new Mini Cooper Hatchback managed to make the care even better while taking full advantage of the classic interior and cheeky looks that appeared thanks to the original.

We are in front of the second generation model that was created on this highly successful formula. Although the looks are not necessarily different, the engines are a lot better and there are improvements to both comfort and safety. Driving this baby is a delight and the performance is great even in the entry level model.

There are different things that have not changed, and even if we are still faced with a limited space for the rear seats and the standard equipment levels could have been more generous, the new diesel engine more than makes it up in terms of performance as it offers great economy and a lot of power for most people.

Mini Cooper Prices

You can choose between 68 different variants of Mini and the price range does vary based on these models. The cheapest model is the Mini Cooper Hatchback 1.6, which costs £14,840. The most expensive model is the Mini Cooper Hatchback 1.6T Chili/Media Pack JCW, which costs £24,945.

Power and Performance

We have some pretty good engines to choose from. The most common engine is the 1.4 litre, which boasts 75 bhp. It is not that quick as it can reach 62 mph in 13.2 seconds, but you will surely love the average 53 mpg brought to the table. This makes it a very good city car. Every single model will be equipped with a 6 speeds manual gearbox. This is the standard option but you can also opt for automatic gearbox. Our top recommendation is the 120 bhp Cooper 1.6 litre engine. It can reach 62 mph in just 9.1 seconds and offers everything that you might need as a casual driver. However, if you want power, opt for the Cooper S Hatchback model. It has 175 bhp and will only need 7.1 seconds to reach 62 mph.

Handling was always a very strong point of Mini, and the second generation does not disappoint. You have a go-kart like feel, and steering responds really fast. Body roll will be properly controlled, and the rear suspension upgrades solve some problems that we saw in the past. Electric power steering is equipped.

Interior and Exterior

The Mini Cooper Hatchback is not really a relaxed ride, and the S models are firm. You will have problems with potholes and bumps in the road. We recommend that you opt for bigger wheels so that you are going to feel more comfortable when driving. Furthermore, even if the interior does look really great, the passengers in the rear seat will not have that much knee room.

The really weak point of the Mini Cooper Hatchback is the fact that the boot is really small. It only has 160 litres and this basically means that it is smaller than Ford KA. You can only add some shopping bags, and suitcases do not usually fit in. You can fold down the rear seats in order to boost carrying capacity if you need to.

Safety and Reliability

Mini Cooper Hatchback managed to get the maximum 5 stars rating from Euro NCAP and comes equipped with airbags for the head, in the sides and in the front as a standard. You will surely appreciate electronic stability control, which includes traction control. However, this is optional, just like the alarm. In any case, the car is quite safe but the extras will make everything better.

Reliability has always been a strong point with Mini Cooper models and there is absolutely no reason to believe that this is not the case here too. In addition, the dealer network is really good, and it will take care of all problems that might appear.

eBest Cars Verdict

The MINI cooper Hatchback is definitely a very good car in the event that you are looking for a small super-mini that looks good and handle well in cities. However, if you are looking for a lot of power and a really comfortable ride suitable for many long trips, this might not be what you need. Mini Cooper is economical to run and friendly on environment with 140g/km of CO2. If you are looking for eco-friendly version, then go for Cooper D.

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