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The release of the new Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC recently has brought to our television screens a brand new advert from Honda, with the tagline “Impossible Made Possible”. The advert depicts a series of cleverly placed props and optical illusions to represent the unique hidden features found in the engine of this new-and-improved economical SUV.

SUV’s are typically thought of as having sky-high CO2 emissions and being notoriously inefficient in terms of fuel consumption, but Honda have ensured that they have tackled this head-on with their new and improved 1.6 ltr diesel engine.

Honda is famed for its innovative and well-produced adverts, and this one is no exception. It portrays the new car extremely well and also highlights the fun generated from driving this new economical SUV.

Take a look at the new advert here:

Honda CR-V – The Specification

The new Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC is a front-wheel drive SUV, unlike other typical 4-wheel drive models available on the market. Although specialist heavy-duty snow and mud tyres, fitted onto the 17 or 18 inch alloy wheels (depending on specification), will mean that the car still performs well in the bad weather.

The new-and-improved economic engine reaches an impressive 62.8mpg, which is better than its direct competitor, the Mazda CX-5, which achieves 61.4mpg. Similarly, the Honda CR-V 2.2 ltr model achieves just 50.4 mpg. Its improved fuel economy also means that the car can achieve up to 800 miles out of the 58 litre tank before requiring a fill-up – meaning fewer trips to the petrol station!

In terms of road tax, the new CR-V requires payment of just £30 per year after the first (free) year due to the low CO2 emissions. There’s yet another saving for owners of the new Honda CR-V!

Although the new CR-V diesel engine provides slightly less power than its 2.2 litre sibling, it still delivers 118bhp and 221lb ft of torque, which stops it feeling too heavy and sluggish. Losing the four-wheel drive and larger engine, the car loses 116kg of kerb weight and reaches 62mph in just 11.2 seconds. This lighter model provides more responsive and accurate steering, making it easy to handle and a joy to drive.

The new Honda CR-V has a six-speed gearbox, which makes cruising down the motorway more economical and comfortable. It also means that you can get a bit more ‘shift’ out of it when you need quick and effective acceleration.

Typically if you’re looking to buy an SUV, it’s because you’re looking for a powerful car which provides ample space, both in the cabin and the boot. The CR-V certainly does not disappoint in this department. The boot provides 1,669 litres of space with a 60/40 split rear seat to allow for further storage should you need it. Inside the cabin there are 5 seats and a number of storage solutions. This car has been known to be particularly great for people with dogs due to the spacious boot and low rear end, allowing them to jump in and out easily.

The new Honda CR-V comes in a range of variants, starting from the entry-level S spec at £22,800 to the top spec SR model, priced from £26,660. In the S model, features that are fitted as standard in this car include 17 inch alloy wheels, cruise control, USB and auxiliary connectivity, digital radio, climate control, heated door mirrors, LED daytime running lights and ambient roof lighting.

The mid-range SE model, priced from £24,660 has further features, including parking sensors, rear-view camera, automatic windscreen wipers and automatic lights, automatic dimming rear-view mirror and Bluetooth.

The top spec SR range, starting from £26,880, has yet further features including leather seats, heated front seats, 18 inch alloy wheels, tinted privacy windows, headlight washers and xenon headlights and many more nifty little features.

Our Conclusion

All in all, we think the new Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC is a great, more environmentally and economically friendly alternative to the standard SUV as typical 4x4s can be extremely expensive to tax and run. The new 1.6 ltr diesel CR-V holds onto the space and practicalities that you want from an SUV. You therefore have a vehicle that looks like an SUV and has the space benefits, but still drives and performs like a smaller car.

This article has been written on behalf of Vantage Motor Group, an official Honda dealer trading at Honda Barnsley.

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