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Thanks to advanced technologies, many parking control tasks are now much easier. If you’re pursuing a career in this industry, you’ll work effectively and efficiently after you find employment because the newest tools and equipment help thousands of officers prevent criminal acts.

A Payment Method That Prevents Crime

In most cities, cash payments are no longer used; instead, many parking operators are now using e-payment tools. Since e-payment applications have auditing capabilities, operators can track people who commit a crime.

License Plate Recognition Software

At numerous technology companies, designers are making tools that can recognize license plates. By using a special camera and unique coding, a typical program can capture images of tags and process all of the information that’s found on a plate. LPR technology is commonly used at:

  • Shopping malls
  • Universities
  • Medical facilities
  • Airports

Besides LRP tools, parking control operators can also use other technologies to identify vehicles. In most locations, employees rely on transponders, bar code tags, and radios. RFID devices are found at many college campuses because they help operators track vehicles leave the premises.

Gadgets with wireless sensing capabilities are also available; these tools identify cars based on their shape and size. If an automobile is moved , the GPS technology within a wireless sensing device will provide accurate data.

New Lighting Tools

City officials understand the need for increased security in parking areas. This is why better lighting fixtures are now used in risky environments to deter crime. New lighting technologies are effective because the components illuminate areas well without producing any glare.

HID lights are found in large parking stalls since they lower energy costs by 30 percent. Although these lights consume less energy, they shine bright light for a very long time. When parking operators work in environments that have HID lighting and CCTV equipment, they never have problems examining license plates. Thanks to the bright illumination, images on the monitors are always bold and clear.

If you want to be a UK parking control operator, the newest tools will help you throughout your career. In the future, more gadgets will be released, so you‘ll have various opportunities to deter crime in new ways.

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