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On October 24, 2011
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Nissan Note hatchback is economical to run and offers classy interior. However, the resale valuse isn't good. It is a good car to drive.

Nissan Note Hatchback is one small family carrier vehicle. Our review is based on analysis of various car reviews published online and test drive data available for Nissan Note. This is one car that is very much similar to Renault Modus and Vauxhall Meriva. It offers a very interesting, family friendly versatile interior and stands out as a larger than a simple hatchback. However, it does maintain its classic design. Some do not even think of this car as a hatchback because of this combination but the truth is that we are in front of one.

Nissan Note Hatchback is spacious and offers really good value, just like Vauxhall Astra and Ford Focus. In fact, if you are thinking about buying one of those two cars there is a very strong possibility that you will also give the Nissan Note a thought.

Nissan managed to create a very good, all-around car that comes to the table with an interior that has to be described as being useful and an exterior that is attractive. We can say that Note stands out of the crowd because it has all-round package and it is not specifically tailored for one part of the market. This car is fun to drive and cheap to run so it is really easy to understand why it is so attractive for potential customers.

Nissan Note Prices

The prices do not vary as much as with other cars on the market. The cheapest option is given by the 1.4 Visia Hatchback £11,200 and the most expensive model is the 1.5 dCi 90 Tekna £ 15,200.

Power and Performance

Nissan Note have three powerful main engines available. Two are petrol and one is diesel. The unit that stands at entry level will offer you 88 bhp. It will not offer you much satisfaction but as a town car it is perfect thanks to the 45 mpg offered. You are better choosing the 1.6 litre engine as it has 110 bhp and can reach 62 mph in 10.7 seconds. It features a 4 speed automatic gearbox. It is definitely one really interesting town car.

If you opt for the diesel option then you can choose out of 2 power outputs: 86 or 103 bhp. We noticed that the stronger model features a better pulling power and the 86 hbp version will be suitable for most situations. The fuel efficiency is also quite high since you can put in 57 miles per gallon.

Interior and Exterior

We can say that the comfort offered by Nissan Note Hatchback is quite good for four people. You have enough space in the back and even those that are six feet long will love the situation. You will also have enough space in front. Every single model will feature a stereo CD, which is also included in SVE models.

We can say that this car is one of the really practical ones that are present on the market. It will look like a really common hatchback but we are faced with a flexible interior. Seats can fold flat and the load space is impressive at 1,332 litres.

Safety and Reliability

Nissan’s Note managed to get a 4 out of 5 stars rating according to Euro NCAP. This is quite good for a car of this size. You will find airbags in every model and you can take advantage of electronic brake force distribution and the child sear anchor. There are also some models that will feature curtain airbags and most will love remote control locking, which is combined with a good immobilizer.

If we are to talk about reliability the truth is that there is not much that can be said. Nissan Note Hatchback looks like one vehicle that is very well created. It comes from a manufacturer that created Micra, Almera and Primera. All of these cards have proven themselves as reliable and there is absolutely no indicator that the Nissan Note Hatchback will be any different.

eBest Cars Verdict

The bottom line is that we are in front of a very good town car in the Nissan Note Hatchback. Unfortunately, if you are looking for something that has a lot of force and that is really pleasant to drive on long distance, then this is not the car for you. If you want a town car then you seriously need to consider it. Nissan Note impressively falls in low auto insurance group and vehicle excise duty varies depending on CO2 emissions. The 1.5 litre Diesel model is the eco-friendly and greenest model. Also, the new version can do average of 63mpg.

Nissan Note Pictures

Nissan Note hatchback is economical to run and offers classy interior. However, the resale valuse isn't good. It is a good car to drive.

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