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Review of: Porsche Boxster
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Ahmad Wali
£38,237 - £46,112

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On November 25, 2013
Last modified:December 6, 2013


Porsche Boxster is a most desirable convertible because of its frugal performance and comfortable ride. It gives you an elevated look and feel on the road. You won't be disappointed after spending good money in Boxster.

Porsche Boxster is a beautiful convertible that everyone desires to own. Our review is based on analysis of various reviews published online for Porsche Boxster and Boxster S. It is not only beautiful, but amazing to drive making it most desirable cars to have in 2014.

It will cost you a bucket of gold and the standard kit could have more to offer. However, cost isn’t the issue when you are buying such a car. It will make you like a king of the road when speeding and slow drive is enough to impress everyone on the road. Porsche Boxster is definitely ahead of Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet and BMW 3 Series Convertible.

Porsche Boxster Price

Prosche Boxster is available in two trims Boxster and Boxster S. The entry level Boxter 2.7 litre model is frugal, which costs £38,237. Boxster S is all about performance and speed, thanks to 3.4 litre engine starts at £46,112.

Power & Performance

There are two horizontally opposed-6 engines available, Boxster 2.7 and Boxster S 3.4 litre. A horizontally opposed-6 or flat-6 engine is a six cylinder engine fitted horizontally in crankcase and pistons mounted on crankshaft. Both the engines are powerful and provide an excellent pace, but the 3.4 litre engine is the best. The 2.7 litre engine do 0-62mph just in 5.8 seconds and satisfy most of the car enthusiasts. There is an optional seven speed PDK semi-auto transmission system, which makes the car quicker.

When it comes to ride and handling, Porsche Boxster can do extremely well on tight corners without losing speed. The rear end-grip allows you to come out of turns quickly without making you go out-of-bounds. With all the handling and grip, ride is extremely smooth and comfortable for both the models. The electrically powered steering allows you to be more accurate on the road and it weighs perfectly.

It was expected that the fabric roof isn’t going to do a good job keeping road noise and wind noise, but Porsche automotive engineering team did an excellent job. If you are cruising, you will hardly hear any engine, wind or tyre noise. You may feel minor tyre noise at high speed, but it is not annoying at all. The overall hood is well isolated and you can also opt for optional wind deflectors.

Interior & Exterior

You have plenty of options to adjust your seat and steering according to your comfortable driving position. The dashboard is full of buttons that may confuse you, but it isn’t hard to find the right one. The gearbox is perfectly placed for comfortable ride. There is one disadvantage that you have to pay more for Bluetooth, climate control and sat-nav. You will get heated seats, rear parking sensors, and leather seats as standard.

There is a plenty of room inside the vehicle for driver and passengers. There is decent space for extra luggage because roof compartment is separated from boot. There isn’t much space available inside the cabin for extra storage.

Safety & Reliability

There are plenty of safety equipment to make sure you have a safe journey inside Porsche Boxster. Some of the standard safety equipment include stability control system, driver airbags, passenger airbags, and side airbags. The standard steel breaks do a great job in stopping the car even at high-speed, but you can also get the optional carbon ceramic stoppers. There is also deadlock, immobiliser and an alarm to keep you safe from theft.

Everything is perfectly engineered that gives you a premium feel. There are no reports of call backs or break down in recent past. Porsche provides excellent after sales support for all the cars and you are also covered with manufacturer warranty.

eBest Cars Verdict

Overall, Porsche Boxster is one of the most desirable convertibles to own for 2014. There will be no regret when you own this beautiful car. It is expensive to buy and own, but it is normal for a car in this class. It isn’t the greenest car around and CO2 emissions will expected to stay between 192-206 g/km. According to tax bands defined by UK Government, it falls in J-K which makes the tax rate high as well with estimated £260 to £280 per year.

Porsche Boxster Pictures

Porsche Boxster is a most desirable convertible because of its frugal performance and comfortable ride. It gives you an elevated look and feel on the road. You won't be disappointed after spending good money in Boxster.

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