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Porsche Macan is scheduled to be available for sale in April 2014, starting at £43,300. Porsche Macan 2014 first drive experience is posted on AutoCar and WhatCar. Porsche has shared the platform with VW Group, and the Porsche Cayenne was based on the same structure. The architecture was rear wheel drive having weight distribution advantages that makes the car perfect for all terrains.

With the launch of Porsche Macan, they have now adopted the Audi platform. It has a unique mounted engine and Porsche is calling it a sports car. It is not a healthy start for Porsche Macan, but the overall standards are exceptional.

You can say that Macan is a sister car to Audi Q5 sharing the same crash structure and lower half structures of the doors. The front and rear suspensions is also identical to Q5, but Porsche has redefined the springs, anti-roll bars, and new six-pot monobloc brakes. It has Porsche’s 7-speed PDK transmission and the car is tuned for performance. It is a rear wheel drive having hang-on four-wheel drive system, using a propshaft that takes power from rear end and pushes to front wheels.

It has a sportier performance and a perfect seating position for comfortable ride. In comparison to Audi, it has refined seats, driving positions and steering. Steering is mounted lower similar to the Porsche 911. You will also notice the traditional Porsche interior design upgraded with top-notch upholstery.

The main objective of Porsche Macan is to offer sporty performance, sharp steering and quickest acceleration with all the performance of an SUV.

It is a sister SUV to Cayenne, but it offers less space in the back and less leg and head room. You will find many differences in Macan as compared to Porsche Cayenne.

Performance is outstanding with V6 Diesel S 3.0 litre engine having 254bhp and it does 46.3mpg and 0-62mph in just 6.3 seconds. It was enough to test the claims of Porsche that it is a sports SUV.

Engines are extremely refined to provide low revs and punch the SUV to the limits. It was pushed hard by the Porsche test drivers and it was hardly under-performing. It is much quicker than Q5 and Cayenne providing tight grip when cornering.

Porsche Macan is an all-purpose SUV and performed decently on off-road tracks, thanks to hill descent control that lifts the body to 40mm.

The 50,000 units are to be manufactured each year and you can wait to get your hands on this lovely SUV. Resale values are expected to be good because of the balance of performance. Stay tuned to eBest Cars for full review of the Porsche Macan 2014.

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