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Review of: Porsche Panamera
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£59,746 - £122,623

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On April 6, 2012
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Porsche Panamera is a sporty saloon that offers excellent power, performance and comfort. However, the running costs aren't impressive. It is a perfect car for people with classy taste for Porsche cars.

Porsche has changed their focus of producing all sports cars after the launch of Cayenne 4×4 and so does with Porsche Panamera. Our review is based on analysis of various published car reviews for Porsche Panamera. Panamera is the first four seater saloon produced by Porsche. It offers luxury spacious interior for travelling and smooth refined ride. You may not like the styling, but it looks like a coupe, and you cannot ignore Porsche trademark design. Panamera not only looks good, but it also steers like a Porsche with amazing performance and minimum body roll.

Most of the models come with twin clutch automatic gearbox named as PDK. It offers smooth and fast gear shifts, and the turbo model comes with whooping 500bhp. It is a good handler and offer adequate space for four passengers. The inside cabin is worth mentioning because it is one of the finest around. If we compare with rivals, then some fast saloons are better. When you are buying Porsche Panamera, you need to loosen your wallet because it is pricey to buy and run. It is a reasonable car fast, practical and classy. However, there are competitors offering the same with lower price like Audi A7.

Porsche Panamera Prices

Porsche Panamera Model Price
3.6 V6 £59,746
3.0D V6 £62,134
3.6 V6 PDK £62,134
3.6 V6 4 PDK £65,412
4.8 V8 S £78,221
4.8 V8 4S PDK £84,129
3.0 V6 S hybrid £86,476
4.8 V8 GTS PDK £90,409
4.8 V8 Turbo PDK £103,807
4.8 V8 Turbo S PDK £122,623


Power & Performance

You can choose three V8 Panamera versions starting with S, which has 4.8 litre engine with 400bhp. It has six-speed manual gearbox standard and acceleration of 0-62mph in 5.6 seconds. It is also the most economical version in Panamera lineup with 26mpg fuel economy. If you are a true car enthusiast, then you will love the engine pulling power and sprint power. The 4S trim has the same engine with four-wheel drive providing more traction control. It also has seven speed PDK automatic gearbox. It is a unique gearbox that uses two clutches resulting in 0-62mph in just 5.0 seconds.

The most powerful model is Turbo, which uses the same engine 4.8 litre, but with two turbo chargers resulting in 500bhp. The PDK gearbox is also standard in the turbo model. It is very quick with 0-62mph in 4.2 seconds despite having weight near to two tonnes. The PDK models can be fitted with Launch Control that let you hold brake and same time hitting the full throtlle. It gives amazing acceleration and reduces it to 0.2 seconds. The hybrid model is perfect for people looking to buy an economical executive car with low CO2 emissions. Porsche market Panamera as a big sports car than a saloon and it proves to be one. Surprisingly, it is powerful despite having more weight and size. Steering is responsive with a great feel.

Interior & Exterior

Panamera is loaded with plenty of standard features, but surprisingly, you would not get rear wiper and floor mats as standard equipment. Some of the equipments include electric windows and mirror, full leather interior, rear parking sensors, xenon headlights, Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), 18-inch alloy wheels, vechicle tracking system and so much more. The 4S includes standard PDK gearbox and Turbo model comes with 19-inch alloy wheels, up rated composite brakes, adaptive air suspension, Bose surround-sound system and so much more.

You can also choose a long list of optional features available, but it will also skyrocket the price. Panamera offers excellent comfortable seating for four with contoured seats. There is plenty of leg room in the back to stretch your legs even if the front seats are adjusted way back. There is no issue for tall passenger because there is plenty of head room.

If you are driving on motorway, wind and road noise are minimal making your long journey enjoyable. It also offers good passenger room and practical 445 litre boot that is almost near to BMW 3 Series. The luggage space is good, and you can easily load items. The load cover is perfectly built into the tailgate, which makes it more convenient. You can also fold the seats, which is very unusual for a saloon. You can load two bicycles easily when rear seats folded down.

Safety & Reliability

There is no crash-test data available because no Porsche ever had been crashed tested by Euro NCAP. However, it includes decent safety features like safety kit, advanced stability control, front driver and passenger air bags, curtain and side airbags and knee airbags. You can also choose the rear seat airbags on 4 and 4S models as optional safety equipment.

Every car has built in Porsche Vehicle Tracking System. Porsche has a long history of manufacturing high quality well engineered cars and so does Panamera. If you face any issues, then Porsche dealership has a great customer service. Panamera also comes with two years and unlimited miles warranty.

eBest Cars Verdict

Porsche Panamera is not a cheap car to buy and run, but it does hold its high value like every Porsche car. When you buy such a luxurious car with sporty attitude, you don’t have to worry about fuel economy because the average isn’t great with Turbo model returning just 23mpg. The positive side is that the service intervals are long and required at every 20,000 miles. Saloon cars are not greenest one to drive, but Porsche is adding Hybrid version of Panamera.

Porsche Panamera Pictures

Porsche Panamera is a sporty saloon that offers excellent power, performance and comfort. However, the running costs aren't impressive. It is a perfect car for people with classy taste for Porsche cars.

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