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The Renault Clio Hatchback has so much to offer with stiff competition. Our review is based on our own analysis of Renault Clio car reviews and data available on official Renault website. We can define it as one of the really good small cars on the market at the moment. This is said while thinking about cabin room, which is surprising and possible because of the long wheelbase. Because of this the rear passengers gain much space. We should also say that the car is comfortable and refined enough, with more than proper insulation, comfortable ride and quiet engines.

What is surprising is that the Renault Clio Hatchback is also safe even if the size is small. The cabin quality has improved much when compared with past Clio models and the design is more attractive. The last Clio generation is nowadays still sold as the entry version to this new series, although the name Clio Campus has been given. The model received a much needed facelift and we also saw the introduction of a GT sporty model.

With tough competition in the market from cars like Volkswagen Golf, Polo and Ford Ka, Renault is striving to take the every possible room in automotive market. You can choose from wide variety of hatchbacks.

Renault Clio Prices

When looking at the price we can say that there are many options that are available for all possible budgets. As expected, the cheapest model is quite cheap at just £7,995 pounds (Hatchback 1.2 75 Pzaz 16V). If you want to go for the most expensive Renault Clio Hatchback then you will have to pay £19,995 for the Renault sport 2.0 200 S’Stone GP.

Power and Performance

There are many things that can be said about power and performance but the basics stand in the fact that we were in front of 6 different engine choices. Three were diesel and three were petrol. As time passed more models appeared on the market and we have to recommend that you take a close look at all of them before making your last choice.

What we can say is that the 1.2 litre engine is not as good as it might be although it is still quite strong. The engine needs to be worked too much and it will not be that great when going at a motorway speed. The 2.0 engine might be more suitable as it comes with 138 bhp and is capable of reaching 62 mph in 8.5 seconds. The 106 bhp diesel version is the best diesel option that you have and it does feel sporty. If you are looking for a more relaxed drive you can opt for the 86 bhp diesel motor.

Interior and Exterior

The exterior of a Renault Clio is pretty much known to everyone. The many plus points gained by the Hatchback appear when discussing the interior. All the diesel models will make you feel relaxed when you are at cruising speed. You are not to be bothered by tire or wind noise and we can say that you will feel like driving a really classy car.

Air conditioning is not standard and you need to pay 550 pounds extra at the low price models if you want to include it. This is something that we recommend as it is something that you will most likely need. Keep in mind that the interior of the base level models is not as appealing and you might want to also invest in something more attractive.

Safety and Reliability

Since we are in front of a small car, we might expect to notice lower security but this is not at all true. The Renault Clio Hatchback got the maximum EURO NCAP crash rating of 5 stars for passenger protection. There are 6 airbags and extra airbags for higher end models. The front seatbelts are adjustable and all of them have pre-tensioning included.

There have been some problems with Renault in terms of reliability in the past. However the biggest problems appeared due to design and not reliability or safety. Mechanical issues have not been so common and we do not expect to see them in the future.

eBest Cars Verdict

On the whole we are in front of a really comfortable and quiet car. It is pleasant to drive and if you spend some time to look through all the options that are available, you can choose a model that is safe, practical and quite classy. The only problem is that the prices could have been lower and we should never purchase the entry level due to the fact that it stands out as being simply too basic.

Renault Clio Pictures


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