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On June 29, 2013
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Renault Megane glass roof looks amazing, but it is underpowered. It does not cost heavy on your pockets, and falls into a "Sport" name.

The Renault Megane has a good touch of elegance in its design, with its lights and lines tidy enough to command admiration from you as long as you are a convertible enthusiast. When it goes topless, it can really be a beauty to behold, and this takes effect in just about 22 seconds.

With its intelligent ‘see me home’ headlights that stay on for about 2 minutes after you have turned off everything, the Renault can really help you safely to the door of your home. Other superb features such as its hands free keycard which can start the engine with a button touch, as well as the climate control that also comes with particle filter makes this convertible a dream to be in.

Renault Megane Price

Model Price
Coupé Cabriolet 1.4 TCe 130 GT Line £24,655
Coupé Cabriolet 1.5 dCi 110 Dyn’ TomTom auto £25,095

Power and Performance

Incredibly, you can choose from up to 7 engines, of which 3 are diesel, while 4 are petrol engines. However, the 2.0-litre with the 128bhp engine is unique among its engine siblings. The rev and power of the engine is simple awesome. If you think you need a car that can economize on fuel then the manual of the 2.0-litre engine will be great for you – offering you a great frugality and reasonable fuel consumption. The engine of the Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet has about 98kW of power, and this at 5500 revs.

Interior & Exterior

The ability of the steering wheel as well as the seat to adjust is great. Be careful though with the pillars of the windscreen as they are extended more into the interior of the car. In the topless state, the space in the boot is just about 211litres, but this enlarges to 417litres when the roof is covered. As for the rear passengers, the leg room is just enough. Though tall passengers will notice their heads are much close to the roof when it is up.

You definitely can be sure to enjoy standard air conditioning system, cruise controls, a 17 inch alloy wheels and Bluetooth connectivity. Also, automatic headlights, wipers, satellite navigation and wind deflectors fully integrated into the car makes driving the Renault Megane cool for any driver.

As for the exterior, there are no shakes experienced on the body while driving the car, and with its light steering, you are perfectly sure of maximum stability during driving. The wind deflectors also ensure you don’t get disturbed when the roof is lowered.

Safety and Reliability

The Renault can be proud of the safety record it boasts of, having a 5-star crash test rating. It also comes with standard front, side and thorax airbags. The Renault has additional front seat airbags that help prevent the driver from slipping up from the seatbelts. As for alarms and deadlocks to deter thieves, they are a standard for all models. The stability controls are also very good.

eBest Cars Verdict

Impressed? Well, the Renault has all the features a standard convertible should have, as well as a vast level of reliability and security features that come along with it. So that makes it a great buy for anyone.

Renault Megane glass roof looks amazing, but it is underpowered. It does not cost heavy on your pockets, and falls into a "Sport" name.

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