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Even though the electric vehicle market is small in the UK, growing numbers of people are ditching their gas guzzlers. The appeal of owning an eco-friendly car, along with tax and insurance benefits make more of us switch to electric cars each year.

You will doubtless be aware that there are plenty of all-electric vehicles on the market. One of the most-popular electric cars on sale is the Renault ZOE. Unveiled back in 2012, the five-door super-mini is one of the most-stylish electrics cars you can buy.

Renault ZOE EVs

In Britain, the government gives electric car buyers a grant of up to £5,000 to buy a brand new electric car. The grant is always paid direct to the dealer, who then discount the price of electric cars they sell by that amount.

The challenges of owning buying an electric car

One major downside to buying an electric car in the United Kingdom is the cost. Electric cars cost a few grand more than their petrol and diesel brothers. Another challenge that electric car owners face is how to charge their cars at home.

Most, if not all electric cars can get a charge through a standard wall socket. But charging an electric car this way isn’t efficient, because a full charge from empty can take ten to twelve hours. Not useful if you need to dash out of the house in a hurry!

DC chargers for home use: always useful, but not always free

A popular way of charging electric cars at home is to use a dedicated DC charger. Electric car owners prefer this method, because their car can have an 85% charge in just thirty minutes!

According to Harratts Renault, the French car maker were the first in the UK to offer free DC charging stations for ZOE buyers. But it looks like they might be the last if recent industry news is anything to go by.

Renault have said that DC wall chargers for domestic use cost around £200. At present, they offer DC wall chargers to new ZOE buyers free of charge. Speculation surrounded that decision, as other car makers look to pass on those costs to motorists.

But the firm have remained defiant, stating that all ZOE buyers need not worry about the cost as Renault will still absorb it.

The popularity of the Renault ZOE

The Renault ZOE is a super-mini that is similar in size to its older brother, the Clio. More people opt for the ZOE each year for various reasons.

Brand new, the car costs just under £14k. That is pretty cheap for an electric car of that size sold in the UK! It also costs around 2 pence per mile to keep on the road and is proud of its five star Euro NCAP rating.

Another selling point is, of course, the free wall charger. It is a 7kW unit and enables Renault ZOE owners to charge their cars from 0% to 100% in just four hours.

Are you a Renault ZOE owner? What are your thoughts on your pride and joy? Let us know in the comments section below!

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