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This is crazy when we saw this footage, all of our editors were shocked. Is Russia making Ghost Cars? Or a video editing software is used?

Imagine you get your hands on a “ghost car” and you drive according to your own rules on the road?

It is fascinating, but it would be pointless to have all those shiny metals on the road because no one can see your ghost car.

Maybe a possibility in near future to have a paint or design that makes the car stealth and invisible to other people on the road. Surely, more accidents!

Well, it is interesting because you can see there is no car and it appears right in front of the car.

We are trying to figure this out and thought it must be interesting for our readers.

If you find out what is happening here, do let us know in the comments.

Or if you happened to find one of these cars in your area do sell those to us 😉

Enjoy the clip and comment

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