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The smart Skoda Fabia has maintained its quality ride. Our review is based on analysis of various Skoda Fabia reviews for 2012 and reliability data available online. It is a well-built car, practical and good value for money. It is an appealing car to buy, and quality makes it comfortable to ride. It is a bigger car with more space, which makes you feel comfortable inside the car.

There is a special offer of 25% off by Skoda (January 2012). It is equally comparable to other vehicles with good steering, but it is not fast on motorways. It is not a motorway cruiser you will hate the engine noise on diesel models. The new model is a well-built underneath and Fabia has a good reliability record, which is carried forward undoubtedly. You can also choose the eco-friendly model, which emits just 109g/km of CO2 with an average fuel economy of 69mpg. In 2010, Fabia received minor changes to the front grille and 3D headlamps.

There is also the introduction of a new 1.2 litre TSI petrol engine, which produces 85bhp. Skoa has made major changes by adding vRS variants in hatchback and estate to complete the Fabia range. There is also a special Monte Carlo edition. It is a good car overall with decent ride, spacious cabin and easy to use controls. Most car reviewers are not happy with the performance of base models as they are underpowered and noisy. If you are changing your vehicle from Volkswagen or Ford, you’ll dislike the cabin material. The main competitors are Hyundai i20, but Fabia has the advantage of good CO2 emissions.

Skoda Fabia Price

Fabia Trims Price
1.2 12v 70 S 5door £10,420
1.2 70 SE 5door £11,355
1.6 TDI CR 75 S 5door £11,850
1.2 70 SE Plus 5door £11,945
1.6 TDI CR 90 S 5door £12,440
1.2 12v 70 Monte Carlo 5door £12,875
1.6 TDI CR 75 SE Plus 5door £13,375
1.2 TSI 105 Elegance 5door £13,715
1.2 TDI CR 75 Green-line II 5door £13,805
1.4 TSI 180 vRS 5door £16,915

Power & Performance

Skoda Fabia has good engine line-up. You can choose between three petrol engines with three cylinder 1.2 litre, which produces 60bhp and 70bhp. Despite having low output power, engines are reasonable. It is great fun to drive in and outside of town. You have to work hard on big roads, but good gear shift makes it easier.

If you often travel more on motorway, then you need to consider the 1.4 litre engine with 86bhp.

You can also choose the more powerful 1.6 litre engine with 105bhp and it is available with automatic and manual gearbox option. There are three diesel models, but bit noisy. The 1.4 litre engine is available with 70bhp and 80hp good for daily commuting. It has enough power to overtake on motorways. There is more powerful 1.6 litre with 105 bhp with an average 52mpg.

People in favour of green revolution can buy the 1.4 litre TDI with 80bho. It emits only 109g/km of CO2 with an impressive 69mpg fuel economy. There is no change in the performance of the car with eco-friendly option. There is an impressive 1.2 litre TSi engine with 85bhp, which was introduced in 20120.

The gearbox is smooth and well-built to support the overall performance of the car. Skoda Fabia offer good light steering and handling. It corners well on curving roads and at mid-speed corners. However, you don’t want to push the town car on high speeds. There is no discomfort when driving and you will love the feel inside the car. However, it is under-powered if you compare with top rivals.

Interior & Exterior

It is a big hatchback considering other super-minis in the class. It offers excellent interior space to stretch your legs. As most of the hatchbacks failed to offer good leg room and headroom for tall passengers, but Skoda Fabia has an advantage of extra comfortable room. You can adjust the steering wheel and driver seat according to your height. It is pretty impressive in such price. However, car reviewers are not happy with interior plastics that are sub-standard. Road noise is kept to least, but diesel engines are noisy.

Fabia has a clear advantage by providing extra space inside the car. The boot space is bigger than most hatchbacks, and you can fold the rear seats to get more. It is easy to load and take-out heavy stuff and there is a divider to stop sliding of smaller items. There is a double air-conditioned glove box and two cup holder large enough to hold bottles.

Safety & Reliability

Skoda Fabia has received four-star rating out of five in Euro NCAP crash testing results. It is disappointing when similar cars received five stars. Nevertheless, it comes with dual front and side airbags as standard, ABS and electronic brake force distribution.

Fabia is based on earlier model, and it suffered some glitches when it was first marketed. It is one of the reliable cars and Fabia has a good reliability score. It has no major complaints in past years. You are also covered with three years or 60,000 miles warranty.

eBest Cars Verdict

Not much to complain about Fabia because it is an economical car, reasonable drive and good value for money. You need to look for re-sale value because it is not the highest in-demand car in the market. Green credentials are good when you go for eco-friendly model. In the end, it is a reasonable car that won’t disappoint most car buyers.

Skoda Fabia Pictures


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