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Sometimes we are looking for those things that are different, more attractive, and safe and reliable. Cars can be categorized among those things as mentioned and is considered to be a dream come true if available for purchase economically. Talking about the vehicles, yes I am talking about Smart fortwo CDI car launched in 2008, is yet another unique piece of German engineering making its way ahead from all economical cars with style.

Why it is unique about Smart Fortwo? it is not like just any other car that you can drive, in fact it is the most economical and a smaller car ever among the smart cars available in the market with style, handling and fun to drive.

Smart Fortwo CDI Uniqueness

Talking about the uniqueness of this car exposes the features, the characteristics, and the experience that this car offers to the drivers. This unique experience of a drive is not only open for the drivers but for those who want to traveling long distances or hang out for vocations as well with family, buddies or a girl friend. This is a smart Fortwo car review will bring breeze in your life by briefing the smooth experience of drive this car has because it covers as much as distance you want, not only because it has a small body, it’s a diesel car and very economical indeed. To have a drive downtown or to a cinema as well this is a perfect choice to make when you are driving around in some town for relaxation or for cinema to watch movie. The Smart fortwo CDI diesel engine just emits 88g/km of CO2 (claimed), the lowest emissions of any current production car which indicates that it is designed for environmental purposes.

Specifications Comparison to Rivals

It was launched along with its rivals who were the petrol models, unlike them it is the only smart car with diesel which gives real value to customer’s money. It’s better than petrol Fortwo car which was launched before Smartwo CDI because of many improvements made in this state of the art designed car. It has a tiny turbo jet, can boost the 799cc engine’s output to 45bhp at 3800rpm which is considered to be very impressive among many Smart Fortwo car reviewers online. With the awesome qualities like smallest capacity for storage, high efficiency and lightweight body feels so catchy to mind.

Statistics about Smart fortwo

Cost £8,000
Available in UK: From February 2009
Engine Type: 0.8-litre 3 cylinder 6 valve, 45bhp engine
Transmission Type: 5 Speed Automatic with Manual
Performance: 85.6mpg, 88g/km CO2
Weight & Material 770kg & Steel
Dimensions Length, Width & Height 2695/1559/1542

Safety & Reliability

The car, which is economical, is always safe because we all are living in an economical world. If we closely look the reviews about Smart fortwo CDI car, it shows the car is pretty much safer than its rivals are. A miser car took you to a long way with little fuel, so not to worry if the fuel is less in this car. This car is comfortable and reliable.

Power & Performance

An important factor that makes this car so expensive is its power and performance. It has a good and reliable quality type engine which best in its performance, not for all people. According to Smart fortwo car reviews for starters, the engine is not the smoothest out there. To run Smart for two CDI is a smart choice, particularly in town. It is a sensible city car, if you can put up with it.

Smart Fortwo CDI Ratings

  • Overall rating: 4/5 (Excellent)
  • Value of Money: 4/5
  • Costs: 5/5
  • Space & Practicality: 3/5
  • Controls & Display: 3.5/5
  • Comfort: 3/5
  • Security: 4/5
  • Safety: 4/5

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