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The new 2011 Smart ForTwo receives good rankings in affordable small car class. Our review is based on analysis of data available on Smart ForTwo website and test drive data of Smart ForTwo. This car is for people looking for small city car to meet daily travelling routines. The seating is only for two people, and it is short of extra space that is needed. It is not a small family car because it can accommodate only two people and also named ForTwo.

Smart Fortwo review

The Smart ForTwo starts at incredibly low price of £9,050. However, it is not the best price if you look around because you can find the Ford Ka base model at much less price. Furthermore, the standard feature’s list is not so long, it comes without air conditioning, an audio system,  Bluetooth connectivity and power windows. After adding these features the price may go up to £12,000. On the other hand, Ford Ka seems to be more promising with many features as standard with low starting price. ForTwo is not good in acceleration either it accelerates slow, but provides high fuel economy ratings.

Smart ForTwo Price

Model Engine Power Price ( £ )
Smart fortwo pulse micro hybrid drive 71 bhp 9,050
Smart fortwo pulse 84 bhp 9,545
Smart fortwo pulse cdi 54 bhp 9,825
Smart fortwo passion micro hybrid drive 71 bhp  9,865
Smart fortwo passion 84 bhp 10,360
Smart fortwo passion cdi 54 bhp 10,640
Smart fortwo BRABUS Xclusive 102 bhp 14,825

Smart ForTwo Ratings

Performance: 4.0 (Good)

Exterior: 4.2 (Good)

Interior: 4.3 (Good)

Safety: 4.5 (Very Good)

Reliability: 4.1 (Good)

Power & Performance

Smart ForTwo is designed to be more fuel efficient car, but mostly reviewers say that it didn’t meet the expectations. In UK, small cars are famous and ForTwo likely to hit the market. Although, there is tough competition in UK market for small cars as compare to that in USA. Smart ForTwo has a weak 1.0 liter 4 cylinder engine that produces 70 horsepower only. It is available in 5 speed manual transmission and optional automatic transmission. The acceleration is not so good, but with small engine and power, we cannot expect performance of upscale cars.

The fuel economy of 33 mpg in the city and 41 mpg on highway is recorded. Smart ForTwo works perfect as small city car and handling is also quick. You get good maneuverability and responsive steering even at high speed.

Interior & Exterior

ForTwo is a small car, but the cabin is appreciated by many reviewers. As it provides well constructed comfortable and spacious interior.  Only two people can sit in the car, and it is perfect for people who need not much room. There is sufficient space for tall people, plenty of head space, and you can stretch your legs easily. There are not many standard features included, but you can opt for optional features.

The exterior of ForTwo is quite unique and most of the buyers like the exterior styling. It is available in various attractive colors to match your needs. You can also customize ForTwo according to your personal needs.

Safety & Reliability

There is no crash test data available yet, but it has crashed tested on several occasions. Smart ForTwo has received mixed safety ratings, but it is considered to be the safest car to drive. When choosing small cars, buyers should read all the safety concerns related to small cars because they are not the safest ones to drive around. The standard safety features include Electronic Stability Program, which works adjacent with ABS to make the car stable. There is Cornering Brake Control, Acceleration Skid Control, Electronic Brake Assist, Hill Start Assist and Engine Torque Control. There is a full front and side passenger airbags to enhance safety.

ForTwo is the reliable car to drive; you can contact your local dealer for exact warranty information. However, it is considered to be having the smallest warranty in small cars.


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