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Who don’t want to ride a Ferrari?

Well I believe a sports car lover would never miss an opportunity to ride Ferrari 458. OooLala!! Let’s see a great and verdant model of this car followed by its predecessor Ferrari F430, another master piece by Ferrari.

Ferrari 458 Spider Front View

Wow. Depicting its name, a 2-seat spider surely working as a web right?

Ferrari 458 Spider – A Special and Much Wanted Addition

With a mid-engine this beautiful lady was officially revealed in 15 Sep, 2009. However, Ferrari 458 Spider continued to attract people years after years and is still enchanting; especially for Ferrari fans.

It has a splendid 7-speed dual clutch involving automated-manual transmission. With a resonant injection V8 of 4.5 liter, it is a limited version of 458 Italia for Chinese market. It is a folding-hardtop adaptable edition; presenting a surprise for those who love to enjoy open air on a long drive.

OH! There is much more! Ferrari’s 562 horsepower engine uses 9ooo rpm and a torque of 6000 rpm enabling it to reach its top speed of 325km/h(202mph). It supports this red 3,153 lbs weighing Ferrari Spider to cover 62 mph in just 3.4 seconds. It features 134PS/L that has successfully overcome the 127PS/L record. Managing highest specific output title it is simply remarkable.

Ferrari 458 Spider Design

Ferrari 458 Spider Design and Commendable Specifications

The car is holding double wishbones at front and a multi-link set-up at the rear. It is designed by Pininfarina. The prefill function of the brakes is really amazing along with ABS and standard Carbon Ceramic brakes. Having fuel consumption with ECE+EUDC it produces 307g/kg of CO2. Comprising gold and black livery stripes with gold aero-elastic winglets and wheel rims; this model is designed to save weight. It also consists of a navigation system and racing fuel filler caps. It produces a down force of 309 lb at 200km/hr. Small aero-elastic winglets are deformed to decrease the radiator section in this beauty. It has put input from the previous designed models and worked for effective and advanced manipulated features to get the best output. What a success!


Ferrari 458 Spider Editions

Ferrari however plans to make1,500-2,000 458 Spiders per year with 0-100 km/h time and lower top speed 199 mph (320 km/h). It has thus come up with flourishing models like 458 Italia GT2, 458 Italia GT3 and 458 Italia Grand-Am in the followed yearswith slight variations and improvements.458 Speciale in 2013 is the latest version with engine power 597 hp.

Autocar, a British magazine has also stated this superbly designed car inspired from the Enzo Ferrari in high words. So be ready and wait for another exciting model till then.


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