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There are plenty of reasons why you might want to store your car somewhere for a few months. For instance, you might be going abroad on a long holiday or business trip. Maybe there are personal reasons that mean you can’t drive your car for a while.

Whatever the reason, there are a few considerations to make when storing your car on a long-term basis. Have you ever done this before? If no, you’re in luck because this practical guide will give you some helpful advice on what to do when storing your car.


When you store a car for a few months, you can’t just assume that all you need to do is park it somewhere. And then come back to it in the same working condition. That’s why this guide will give you information on how best to store your car long-term.

Give your car a mini service

Before you store your car away, it is important that you change the oil and oil filter first. The reason is so when you start the car up; the engine will get lubricated with clean, unburnt oil.

Some folks choose to do this job themselves. Whereas others might take their pride and joy down to their local garage and have them do it instead.

Check the battery

You may or may not know this, but car batteries only have a limited lifespan. Is your car battery more than five years old? If so, it’s time to have it replaced with a brand new one. Consider buying a battery with a charge status indicator.

In a nutshell, those batteries have a small coloured area that helps you to determine the state of charge. Green means that the battery has a full charge. Yellow means it only has a partial charge. And white means the battery is flat or faulty.

If you are storing your car in an indoor garage, you can buy a “smart charger” for your car. These handy gadgets will charge your battery when it needs charging.

Essential tasks

For long-term storage of a car, there are other tasks you need to perform. They are as follows:

  • Remove the wheels and jack the car up on axle stands. Store the wheels in a cool area;
  • Slacken the auxiliary drive belts (i.e. fan belts) in your engine but leave the cam belt alone;
  • Use a dehumidifier for an indoor garage or storage area so that your car does not suffer from damp problems;
  • Make sure all door locks and catches get sprayed with silicon grease or WD40 spray but make sure you don’t spray any on rubber seals.

Car not practical? Consider trading it in

Sometimes people store their cars on a long-term basis because they don’t fit their lifestyle anymore. In those cases, it might be better to go on the countrycar.co.uk website and consider trading your car in for a more-suitable one.

Good luck with the long-term storage of your car. I hope you’ve found these tips useful today!

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