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The new Honda Civics for 2012 are an eye-catching bunch with a whole new character. The new generation of Civic’s are as follows:

The Civic Sedan, the Civic Coupe, the Civic Si Sedan, the Civic Si Coupe, the Civic HF, the Civic Hybrid and the Civic GX Natural Gas Vehicle – the only problem being, that these are the models already released in the United States and the UK version appears to still be very much a closely guarded secret.

The only know sighting of the new 2012 Civic in the UK has been a chance photograph of a bizarrely decorated car in the middle of Piccadilly Circus, most strange considering we usually only ever see images snatched from European race tracks.

What we could tell is that the new Civic appears to be a five-door hatchback and is very similar to the current model. It seems that Honda are fans of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” motto and that will suit Honda fans down to the ground. The Civic is renowned for being one of world’s most popular compact cars and its close competition includes popular rides such as the Ford Focus and the VW Golf, models that the new Civic appears to be taking on with confidence.

Original plans for the 2012 model showed that Honda wanted the Civic to be bigger and better but with the current financial climate and the fall of the Lehman Brothers, Honda were forced to go back to the drawing board and had to opt for just better instead, coming up with a smaller and lighter, more fuel efficient prototype.

Described as “energetic, sleek and aerodynamic” by the people of Honda themselves, this latest model is due to hit the UK market in January 2012 after financial pressures on the company, like many others, forced them to delay the unveiling for some time.

This model is now more anticipated than ever and avid Honda fans are keen to see the finished product. Rumour has it that the official unveiling will occur in September 2011, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. If all goes to plan, we haven’t much time before we get to see the final product.

Honda has undoubtedly gone from strength to strength in recent years, it is currently ranked sixth amongst the largest automobile manufacturers in the world and, as a Japanese brand, has managed to survive the devastating earthquake that hit their Research and Development Centre in Tochigi earlier this year. By sending their designers to their UK plant, development of the 2012 Civic has thankfully surged forward.

New models for most manufacturers have become about efficiency, Honda have taken this and added to it, extra space and power. Drivers will now have the choice between the coupe and the sedan, sport versions and the much-anticipated Civic Hybrid. Each will be released in quick succession of one another, with the Hybrid model likely to cause the most excitement amongst environmentally concerned drivers.

The Hybrid has an all new lithium-ion battery, but a later model. The natural gas burning Civic GX is also expected to hit showrooms slightly later than the other Civics, proving once again that Honda know how to play the current market and its demand for greener cars. Honda will also employ an information system to all models that will help the driver adopt a more fuel-efficient driving style. This is the Honda Eco Assist technology, the first of its kind to be installed within a gasoline powered Honda and proven to improve fuel economy by 10%.

Expected changes to the new model include sharper lights, dramatic headlights and a bolder grille, revised bodywork and the addition of a rear window wiper, replacing the rear spoiler that caused problems with rear visibility in the past. This model appears from what we could see to be lower and wider and has that sport feel that the Civic has always boasted. Practicality is high on the list of Honda must haves and the space inside the Civic is said to be much greater and as with previous models, a large boot and wide hatch back will not be forgotten.

Although these changes might seem minimal, the overall power and technology incorporated in to these newer models is overwhelming. Honda is a huge powerhouse within the automobile industry and we have become to expect nothing less from them. The similar styling to previous Civics is for us a positive aspect of the 2012 launch, as the older models have never failed to impress. We wait with baited breath for the official unveiling.

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Note: UK Honda Civic 2012 Images yet to be published.


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