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Some like their cars fast enough to tear the road up. They love seeing the rev-meter disappear into the red, and hearing the roar of the engine. Us, we like our cars refined, quiet and elegant. Don’t get us wrong, we love speed and power as much as the next petrolhead. But, there’s something wonderful about getting behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle. The soft leather seats, the gentle purr of the engine, and the vast technology. When it comes to luxury cars, it’s all about comfort. Sitting in a luxury car is like relaxing into an armchair in front of the fire.

Unfortunately, most of the top luxury cars are out of our price range. But, that never stopped us from making lists of our favourites before! Everyone can dream, after all. Today we’re giving ourselves free reign to indulge in the finest automobiles on the planet. So, light up a cigar and pour yourself a glass of scotch. We’re about to sink into the most luxurious, comfortable cars on the planet.


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  1. Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Bentley is the classic name associated with luxury cars and sophistication. Most Bentley owners probably have a chauffeur to do the hard work (not that you’d call driving a Bentley hard work). But, they’re missing a trick, because the car is a joy to drive. It’s smooth, quiet, and elegant. It’s like driving in your own personal library. The Flying Spur isn’t the most expensive Bentley on the market, but we think it’s the best choice. The luxury interior is lined with wood finishes, and the car simply glides along the road.

  1. Mercedes S-Class

The S-Class is slightly more affordable than the Bentley, but it’s hardly a budget hatchback! The real beauty in the Mercedes is the technology on board. The S-Class is regularly described as the most technologically advanced car on the road. That’s all thanks to its sophisticated self-drive functions. It features intelligent cruise control, autonomous parking, and steering assist. It’s the car that literally drives itself. Inside, you’ll get all the hallmarks of the Mercedes badge. Comfort, style, and decadence all rolled into one.

  1. Land Rover Range Rover

Land Rover are traditionally associated with dirty off-road vehicles. The classic Defender is a robust, all-terrain machine. It’s an incredible piece of machinery, but hardly luxurious. Yet, it seems that Land Rover are exploring the upper reaches of luxury with their Range Rover models. The Range Rover Sport has the adventurous heart and soul of the original vehicles. However, it also has the refined touch of a luxury car. Step inside, and you’re greeted with lush leather trim, beautiful control, and more technology than a space rocket.

  1. Audi A8

We’ve always loved Audi. In fact, we don’t think they’ve made a bad car in the last decade. (Though the A2 had us worried for a while). The cream of Audi’s crop is the A8. With this luxury saloon, Audi have left nothing to chance. Every detail is meticulously crafted with that German precision we know and love. The A8 is the most inconspicuous car on this list. Which is odd for Audi. They’re not usually one to shy away from eye-catching designs. The R8 and the TT are a masterpiece of car design. Yet the A8 blends into the motorway crowd. Not that you’ll care when you’re basking in the temperature-controlled massage seats.

Porsche Panamera

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  1. Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Panamera is essentially a stretched and lengthened 911. If you’re one of those car-fanatics who loves the Porsche 911, this car might be the one for you. You get (almost the same) speed and excitement of a 911, but packaged into a saloon car. It’s the most curvaceous and elegant car on the list. The extended back-end is a little difficult to get used to, but it starts to make sense after a while! Inside, there’s all the luxury you would expect from a car of this price. Only, with the Panamera, everything is completed with a slightly sportier feel. It’s the car for those who aren’t quite ready to grow up.

  1. Jaguar XJ

Oh Jaguar. How we love you. For decades, Jaguar have embodied everything we love about luxury cars. They’re refined and sophisticated, without being flashy or ostentatious. When the car is this beautiful, it doesn’t need to shout and scream about it. The Jaguar XJ isn’t just a pretty face. It’s also got the most exciting engine under the bonnet. The XJ really takes you by surprise when you put your foot down. It’s electric on the throttle. The Jag experts at H.A. Fox let us take one for a spin recently, and we couldn’t stop smiling. It’s that good.

  1. BMW 7-Series

BMW are the embodiment of executive driving. Their cars are sophisticated, yet practical. They’re built with an attention to detail only the Germans can master. That makes BMW one of the most reliable and robust manufacturers on the market. Don’t mistake this for lack of imagination however. The 7-Series is full of luxury quirks that will keep you happy. Automatic window blinds anyone? Because it’s a BMW, it’s also fantastic fun to drive. It’s fierce and snappy at high speeds, then quiet and tame while cruising.

  1. Lexus LS

We’ll finish with the Lexus LS. It’s Lexus’ pièce de résistance at the top of the range. Which is saying something for a company that only builds luxury executive cars. Lexus is part of the Toyota umbrella with one mission; to create the best luxury car on the planet. The LS falls short of the top players, but don’t be put off. Lexus are fairly new to the game, and they’ve crafted a wonderful car. It leads the field in terms of technology and reliability. All that’s left to do is inject some fun into the drive, and it will be a world-beater.

We hope you enjoyed our tour through the motoring world’s elite. Which luxury car would you want parked up in front of your mansion?


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