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With the latest AMG range of cars from Mercedes-Benz, there has been a certain amount of cosmetic changes to both the interior and the exterior of the cars. This is certainly true of the C63 AMG from Mercedes-Benz which has been given a complete overhaul by the German car manufacturer.

The C63 is Mercedes’ answer to the ever popular M3 from German manufacturer BMW and when you take a more detailed look, you cannot help but feel that with the C63, Mercedes have pulled ahead of their Bavarian rivals.

What’s Under The Hood?

Under the hood of the C63, there is a massive 8-cylinder engine in a V configuration with a 6.3 liter engine that provides a more than impressive 457bhp, and performance wise, there is more than enough to leave the BMW M3 behind on the starting grid. Compared to the models that came before it, the C63 is seen as a major improvement by Mercedes-Benz, not only with performance but also with the design.

Aside from the revamped 6.3 liter engine, nearly all moving parts, and most that don’t, have been redesigned and re-engineered from scratch. That means you get the feeling that you are in an entirely different car from the others in the C-class collection, and it is available as a coupe or a saloon.

Mercedes say that the engine fitted into the new C63 provides in excess of 25% more torque than it’s nearest comparable rivals, and it also provides more in the way of torque and horsepower.

The Mercedes C63 throws down its power, thanks to a 7-speed gearbox, which comes as a semi-automatic and a steering wheel that is fitted with the obligatory paddle shifters. There is three different modes to choose from however, and these are comfort auto, sport auto and fully manual.

Another part of this car that has been completely altered is the suspension. Even though the layout is actually unchanged, they have changed the dampers and springs, and this has the effect of making the ride height considerably lower.  And it is not just the suspension that has been given an overhaul, the brakes have been fully updated and the front and rear discs are ventilated and sized between 330mm and 360mm.

Superior Interior Design

Inside the C63 the sporty theme abounds once more and Mercedes have taken their standard interior design and have taken it up a notch. To start with, the seats are fantastic and they include extra support in the places where you need it most, and they can be adjusted effortlessly and electronically in all directions, and the upholstery is the more than comfortable Nappa leather. The interior just oozes quality, and there is plenty of room with the cabin of this particular C-Class model.

Performance wise, the C63 AMG is even better in some aspects than its nearest competitor, the BMW M3, and it can reach 30mph from a standing start in a fraction over 2 seconds, which is on par with the BMW. However, from that point on, it eclipses the BMW with its sheer acceleration taking it from 0-60 in just 4.4 seconds and 0-100 in a fraction under 10 seconds.

As far as the ride and handling go, there is a much better feel to the steering of this car than there is with its rival, the M3. Steering into corners is a dream and this is thanks to the responsiveness of the steering and this is particularly noticeable in wet conditions.

The final verdict on the AMG C63 is this. There is little doubt that this is one of the best cars to have the AMG tag, and it has enough uniqueness about it to set it apart from other AMG Mercedes cars.

As well as being amazingly quick off the starting grid, it also has breathtaking design and is a fantastic car to drive, and although it is a close call, it probably just about beats the BMW M3 as the overall better car. This is because the C63, is faster, looks better, has a well designed interior design, and handles better than the BMW. It also provides better value for money than the BMW despite the fact that it is a few hundred dollars more than the M3.


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