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In recent years, buyers have fallen in love with 4×4 vehicles because of attractive features like a high position when seated in vehicles and the benefits of all-wheel drive that include a good grip of the road. There are more choices today in styles of 4×4 vehicles, ranging from sporty SUV’s to Crossover vehicles which blend features found in cars into the utilitarian 4×4 vehicle.

A 4×4 vehicle is most useful in situations where drivers must drive over rough or snow-covered surfaces, or on muddy or wet roads. A good, sturdy four-wheel drive vehicle is a must for those who live on farms, or for those who do a lot of hauling and towing. Many driver’s prefer 4×4 vehicles even when they live in a city, simply for the benefits of driving through inclement weather with less worries.

Cost Is An Important Consideration

The 4×4 vehicle usually has a more expensive sticker price than a typical car, sedan or economy vehicle. There are other costs to consider as well with a 4×4 vehicle. The price of petrol may sway a driver in one direction or another, although many of the 4×4 all-wheel drive vehicles sold in the UK have diesel fuel requirements. There are also 4×4’s that are hybrids. They are usually classified as either a petrol-electric hybrid or a diesel-electric hybrid. Some hybrid models can save money over a standard petrol vehicle or a diesel only vehicle.

Insurance is another cost consideration, since the cost to insure 4×4 vehicles is normally higher than insurance costs for other vehicles. Costs to replace parts and for repair and maintenance services can also be higher for the average 4×4. One good cost benefit found in 4×4 vehicles is that they tend to depreciate less and more slowly than the average car.

Accessories And Special Features Add A Luxurious Feel

Some of the latest all-wheel drive models, like those found in places like Saxtons 4×4, come equipped with features that make these vehicles feel like luxury cars. Features like heated leather adjusting steering wheels, heated memory seats, intelligent lighting systems, park assist, and heated door mirrors that also fold can make a 4×4 vehicle feel like a luxurious choice.

Safety benefits like driver and passenger airbags, stability control and head restraints add to the appeal of 4×4’s. Built-in comforts like climate control systems, media interfaces and live traffic information systems add to the pleasure of driving an all-wheel drive vehicle.

Many Choices In 4×4 Vehicles

There are many choices today in 4×4 vehicles. Some of the most popular SUV and all-wheel drive brands include Lexus models, the Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes M Class vehicles, Land Rover Range Rovers, Volkswagen Touareg, the Nissan Juke and the Mazda CX-5.

The choice most drivers’ make is usually based on factors like the intended purpose of the vehicle, driver preferences and their budget. Researching the vehicle you are considering before buying is the best way to make a smart choice.


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