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One question that a potential eco car buyer always asks is “Just how far it will take me before another charge?”

Keeping that in mind, a list of eco cars have been prepared, ranking from worst to best when it comes to total range of miles. Here we go:

10. Honda Fit EV

You may want to take this car because of the attractive lease terms that come along with it. But then you need to hurry because reports say that Honda will soon be taking the car out of production. The “soon” means by the end of 2014. So, the question is how supportive the company will be to the car owners once the sales are ceased. Well, the answer is unknown; the car, however, is still convincing.

Its range: 82 miles


9. Chevrolet Spark EV

The torque that this car produces is often harped on by Chevrolet, and that is of course, for a good reason, which is it is good enough to kill the powerful but low mileage cars. The car is quite an urban runabout. This is General Motors’ only full EV, and it is a pretty good one.

Its range: 82 miles


8. Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF has been there since a very long time, and is presently entering the status of ‘Godfather’ as far as the world of electric car is concerned.  The car happens to be a safe and practical family car, with a very attractive price tag, but what it lacks is the magic 100-mile range.

Its range: 84 miles


7. Fiat 500e

Arguably, Fiat 500e is the coolest car in the world of electric cars. Fiat 500e is very elusive. They are available only in California that too in very small numbers. The car may be a little cramped, but it is agile and fun to drive. Its owners are proud to have it.

Its range: 87 miles


6. BMW i3

This can be called one of the best kids on the block. The car is made up of aluminum, carbon fibre and interior fabrics. With 170hp electric motor, this car is powerful and comfortable to drive. It may look a lot serious than Fiat 500e, but that is only an assumption.

Its range: 80 to 100 miles


5. Toyota RAV4 EV

Toyota RAV4 EV is actually a Tesla. It has got Tesla motor, battery and electronics, with only the tag of Toyota. It is impressively fast and practical, despite its huge size; and its range is surprising as well.

Its range: 103 miles


4. Volkswagen e-Golf

It feels like a more powerful Nissan LEAF, with a sharper design and of course, a greater range. The brand has gone over the car with a very fine comb, and rolling resistance and less aerodynamic drag, contributing to an impressive range.

Its range: 118 miles


3. Kia Soul EV

This urban commuter vehicle has immense potential to be a hit. Its relatively high price can be made up with huge range that it has promised, thus, its sales can be expected not to bear the brunt of price.

Its range: 124 miles


2. Mercedes B-class electric drive

Mercedes knows that familiarity is the key to the hearts of customers. Hence, the B class electric drive matches a standard car.

Its range: 124 miles


1. Tesla Model S

This is the best Eco car that one can buy. It is huge, but in practice it may well be 400 miles, thanks to the expanding supercharger stations. If you are someone who is not ready to compromise on range, then Tesla is the best choice for you.

Its range: 265 miles


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