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It doesn’t matter what you think about British cars especially of the super-cars, they really can be magnificent. They have from the historical outset proven themselves as superb and delicately modeled for their users.

In the early 1920s, Morris Garages started selling custom made cars with sporty bodywork and a lowered chassis. This was when they adopted the now-famous MG logo with its powerful octagonal shape. These years were glorious years for the MG, as car racing made them hugely popular.

By the end of WWII, MG cars had become popular among even US soldiers in Europe, helping to make the MGs popular in the US as well. This was also aided by the fact that the MGs were very affordable sports cars; and by this time was already being considered as elite cars.

The rivalry of Italian sports cars didn’t hold water, because while they built flashy cars for the wealthy, the British MG cars were developed for the average income sports car admirers.

Truly, the British MG has gone through a lot of transformations both in its brand as well as ownership in recent years. However, it is still a revered car among enthusiasts who still passionately regard the MG logo as a sacred octagon.

And so considering the fact that it is difficult to decide the best classic cars that have graced British roads and the world beyond based on just any criteria, it is important to outline some basic standard which will be used to rate them. Our top 5 all time British classic cars rating is based on each of the car’s success, popularity, influence and character among their aficionados.

And here we present you our top 5 all time British classic cars:


No surprises, right? Of course, we all would be left wondering what sports cars would be like today without MG TC. Well, we can also admit there may not have been anything spectacular about the car, but they became the rave among car followers in those early days. Especially among Americans abroad who bought the cars after the World War either from the UK or from dealers on their home soil. To a large extent, the MG TC was highly accepted, and probably this had a big influence on other car enthusiasts the world over.

mg tc 1945


The original Austin Mini, developed by Sir Alec Issigonis gives it a deserving place in the British all time classic cars. Really, it was a magical mistake because Sir Alec intended to develop a car that will be fuel-efficient, not a legend. Eventually, that was what happened, as frugal consumers and even celebrities adored the Mini. Not only that, its popularity was also enhanced on the race roads.

austin mini


With its covered headlamps as well as the 3.8 liter I-6 engine, admired by many – especially the ’61 – ’64 models, the Jaguar is a great British car. Its style, together with its strength and power makes it a match for the Ferrari. And so the Jaguar E-Type makes our top 5 all time British cars.

jaguar e type


Yes, we all know how imposing and striking Phantom convertibles are, but it is yet to be known if their legends can really be compared to the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II. One of the impressive things about the Silver Cloud II is that it brought debut traits into super-cars. The 6.2-liter V8 debuted in the Silver Cloud as well its highly adequate horsepower. The car also astonished enthusiasts with its refinement, durability and quiet but efficient controls; not to mention improvements in its design both in the cabin and exterior.

rolls royce silver cloud 2


Even today, 60 mph acceleration at 8 seconds isn’t bad. That was the performance of the ’63 Aston Martin, famously known and regarded as James Bond’s personal car. Racing up to a 143 mph, it still doesn’t suffer its age when on the wheels. Though it made way for the DB6, it is still not easy to afford one today.

aston martin db5


Land Rover Series I – II

Land Rover Series I II and III were introduced during 1948-1985 by British Manufacturer Land Rover. They were named as Series Land Rover; these were inspired by American manufacturer Willys Jeep. These model features leaf sprung suspensions with an option of two or four wheel drive. You may have seen Land Rover Series in various Safari videos. The production started after World War II when Rover Company had an idea of to make vehicles that can be exported to generate good foreign exchange. It was first started in 1948 and introduced at Amsterdam at that time.

land rover series 1 2 3

Triumph Spitfire

Triumph Spitfire was a small two seated sports car designed and produced for Standard Triumph in 1957. It was first debuted in London Motor Show in 1962 and it was manufactured in Canley in Coventry. It was a good sport convertible based on chassis, engine and gear. It was provided with manual hood for weather conditions and later it was manufactured with folding hood. It was designed to compete with sports cars like Austin Healey Sprite.

1974 Triumph Spitfire

Bentley 4½ Litre or 4.5 litres

Bentley 4.5 was manufactured by British automaker Bentley from 1927-1931. The car was based on rolling chassis replacing the famous Bentley 3 litre. There were 720 cars were produced during 1927-31 and 55 cars were supercharged for performance named Bentley Blower. It also won Le Mans 24 hours in 1928 with supercharged engine.

Bentley 4½ Litre or 4.5 litres

Austin Healey

Austin Healey was a famous British sports car manufacturer; it was a venture between British Motor Company and Donald Healey Motor Company. These cars were manufactured during 1952-72 for 20 years after their contract was ended. It was used in Le Mans and in Sebring in US as a race car by Donald Healey Motor Company.

1965 austin healey

Morgan Plus 8

The Morgan Plus 8 is a sports car launched in 1968 by British automaker Morgan. This car made the company repute and kept the company running for 36 years. Many car enthusiasts love Morgan Plus 8 thanks to the chairman and the designer Peter Morgan.

1968 Morgan Plus 8

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