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There are very few things that actually hold the capacity to lower the value of your car as compared to scratches and rust. Even if your car’s shape, speed, and mechanical parts are excellent, you will always feel less than a hero while driving your rusty and scratchy car around. Besides that, it will also fail to generate some handsome bucks when you are trying to sell it.

Your car’s paint can get damaged under multiple conditions and at times when you are not even aware of it. People who really take a lot of care of their car’s paint also become a victim of this exterior damage. There are so many little things that just randomly happen in a day and become the cause of damaging the paintwork of your car. But, fortunately, the ways to protect your car’s paint do not involve any rocket science because they are quite easy to follow.

7 Best Ways to Protect Car Paint

Here are some amazing ways listed down that you can use to protect your car’s paint in the best manner possible. Let’s have a look at them below:

  1. Avoid writing on the car with your fingers

We always find it really funny and cute to write on a dirty car with our fingers not realizing that we are actually creating more damage than fun to the car. In this process, our fingers act as a sandpaper that grinds the dust remains and makes them penetrate in the body of the car thus destroying its paint.

  1. Go for defensive parking

Have you ever seen a lone car parked far at the end of a parking lot? You might have thought that the driver is crazy but the fact is he is just trying to save his car from the possible scratches and dents that can destroy his car’s paint. Looking for a safe parking space is a great paint defensive mechanism against rust, scratches, and dents.

  1. Have nano ceramic coatings

Nano ceramic coatings form a layer of nano particles on your car’s paint which protects it in the long run and help it shine. Ceramic car coating is the best alternative to expensive car polishing and car paint treatments. They hold the potential to last more than 12 months depending on their quality. Nano ceramic coatings have multiple qualities they are superhydrophobic, repels dust and water.

  1. Use car covers

If you are using a premium paint color and want to take good care of it, you will have to protect it from the sun. You should use portable car covers for protecting your car from the harsh sunlight, the tree sap, and the usual bird droppings.

  1. Wash the car with clean supplies

Many people do not care about using a clean sponge and soap while washing their car which really effects the quality of car’s paint. While washing your car, try to use clean supplies because a small amount of dirt on the sponge can create damage to the paint by leaving scratches.

  1. Pump gas carefully

While pumping the gas or changing the oil, if a small amount of gas or oil drips onto your car and you do not clean it instantly, the oil will ultimately penetrate at the top layer of the paint thus leaving discoloration which is quite hard to fix. So, you should be very careful about cleaning up the spills while pumping the gas and changing the oil of the car.

  1. Remove debris carefully off your car

We all know that keeping a car clean from dead bugs, bird droppings or mud is imperative. The birds and bugs droppings are acidic in nature and can leave scratches, dull marks, and stains. While removing such debris off your car, try to use the right tools for preventing damage to the car’s paint.


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