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These days, when buying a new car, cost is one of the main considerations. Not just the initial outlay for the vehicle itself, but future costs for servicing and repairs, tax and insurance. It is worth finding out how much road tax will be due on your vehicle as tax bands vary from £104 per annum up to a wallet-bending £490. Similarly, different insurance groups apply to different models. Finding a vehicle in a lower-numbered insurance group can make a significant difference to your outlay in future years. This is particularly important if you have teenagers approaching driving age as you will need to research the best cars for young drivers. Another way of saving money is to look for a car with good warranty cover, so here is a list of five of the best warranties around.

Vauxhall: Option for Low Mileage Drivers

Although originally sold as a lifetime warranty, Vauxhall subsequently toned down their warranty claims. However, it’s still a pretty good deal, especially if you’re a low-mileage driver. Providing the car stays with the original driver, the warranty is good for 100,000 miles without a time limit, which means a lifetime of worry-free driving.

Kia: Option if you’re buying a Used Car

If you’re a higher mileage driver, then Kia’s warranty will give you peace of mind for seven years (up to 100,000 miles). Even better news is that the warranty is transferable to future owners. This makes it a good sales prospect if you plan to sell on after a short period of time, or if you’re planning to buy a used car.

Hyundai: Option for High-mileage Drivers

Hyundai’s five-year warranty has an unlimited mileage allowance, making this an excellent option if you really do clock up the miles. On top of this, Hyundai now also offers roadside assistance for five years, along with five yearly health checks for the vehicle. This all adds up to a very reassuring driver package.

Toyota: Option for Cars Left Out in the Cold

Toyota offers a warranty for five years or 100,000 miles (depending on which milestone you reach first). In addition, it also throws in twelve years of cover for anti-corrosion and perforation and there is no limit to the mileage for this cover.

Mitsubishi: Option for Very Low Mileage Drivers

Mitsubishi cars come with a range of warranties that might take a little unpicking but are well worth investigating. First, there is five-year warranty that comes with a 60,000 mile limit, so it might be worth your while if you just use your car occasionally or use it for short runs. On top of this is a ten-year power-train warranty, which is limited to 100,000 miles. Then, there’s a seven-year warranty for corrosion and perforation but this is limited to 100,000 miles. Finally, you get roadside assistance for the first five years.

Of course, most warranties are limited to the first owner, so except when buying a Kia, used-car buyers miss out on the reassurance that comes with a maker’s warranty. Another option is to buy an after-sales warranty with your used car. Many reputable dealers offer warranties at a reasonable price and this can help to take some of the worry out of buying a previously owned car. However, if you’ve already bought a used car or the warranty on your car has run out, you can always consider buying an after-sales warranty independently. Prices and cover vary enormously, so it is worth carrying out some research before splashing out.


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