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On February 11, 2014
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There is nothing to criticize about the huge SUV other than the budget that you need to own and run the beast Land Cruiser V8.

Toyota Land Cruiser is a great off-road SUV that offers powerful performance with the power of V8. The huge seven-seat 4×4 SUV has strong body and comes with plenty of pre-loaded features. Most of the car reviews aren’t impressed with the huge size because you cannot do tight manoeuvres. It is surely a supreme SUV, but lack class to beat the competitors.

Land Cruiser V8 is a good news for Toyota lovers because it offers the same strong body with powerful engine. Most of the competitors are now focusing on building a multi-purpose SUV, but Land Cruiser has traditional ladder chassis and off-road persona. It boasts agile 4.5 litre V8 engine that is capable to push the huge body and meet the off-road challenges.

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Price

Land Cruiser V8 is available in only one trim starting £65,220.

Power & Performance

It is not the fastest SUVs around, but 4.5 litre V8 turbo diesel engine produces enough torque to pull the vehicle. Engine produces 479lb ft of torque that makes it easy to push the 2.7 tonne car.

Land Cruiser V8 has the ability to go anywhere you point and the handling supports the decision. It is a huge car and feels big on the road. It is a smooth rider having a soft handling to give you comfortable ride. However, you may find it little inferior to other 4x4s because of handling.

There is little road and tyre noise at high speeds because of its size and huge tyres. When you push the engine hard, you will hear the ruff sound.

Interior & Exterior

The seating position is higher than most of the vehicles providing superb view. You can adjust the steering wheel and seats according to your comfort zone. The dashboard buttons are not easy to use, they are scattered all over the console.

Land Cruiser V8 provides immense space to comfortably accommodate 7 passengers. You can store almost everything inside the car. If you need extra space, back row seats can be folded to sides providing huge boot space.

Some of the standard features include four zone climate control, key-less entry, cruise control, 20-inch alloy wheels, satellite navigation, a DVD player, 14 speakers, and leather upholstery.

Safety & Reliability

Land Cruiser build quality is exceptional and it is built for the extreme conditions. Land Cruiser gives you a strong stance on the road. There is not going to be any issues considering the solid build of the car. You are also covered with 5 years warranty.

We can say, it is the safest car to drive because of the features and strong build. Some of the safety features include stability control, 14 air-bags adjusted around the cabin, seatbelts pre-tensioners and active head restraints. There is also ISOFIX child seat mounting to keep your children safe.

eBest Cars Verdict

The main concern is that it is very expensive to buy and the tax rates are whooping high. It is not the greenest cars to drive with 226-255 g/km CO2 emissions, which means higher tax rates.  Land Cruiser V8 falls in tax band L with £840 tax rate for first 12 months. It gives an average of 30mpg, surprisingly, the fuel economy isn’t bad considering the size of the vehicle. Land Cruiser is definitely a beast and better than previously reviewed Cadillac Escalade 4×4.

Land Cruiser V8 4×4 Pictures

There is nothing to criticize about the huge SUV other than the budget that you need to own and run the beast Land Cruiser V8.

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