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The feeling of stepping into your new car and putting your foot down on the accelerator for the first time is one of the finest sensations in life. No matter how exciting, expensive or head turning your vehicle is you will feel on top of the world when you do this.

Of course, if you had the choice of picking one of the most unusual and exciting cars in history to drive I am sure there is at least one you would choose. Would it be one of these?

The Back to the Future Car

Let’s face it; this was a pretty awesome vehicle even before Doc Brown got his hands on it the DeLorean DMC-12. However, once the Doc had added a few touches and got hold of some plutonium it turned into one of the most exciting cars in the history of motoring. You might not have known that 6 different cars were using during the filming of Back to the Future and that 5 of them are now owned by private collectors. Of course, once the Doc upgraded it to a nuclear fusion powered hover car it became just too exciting for words to express. You won’t find this car on sale at your local car dealerships in South Jersey but you can still dream of putting your foot down and reaching 88mph.

back to the future car DMC DeLorean DMC12

The Lamborghini Gallardo

This car won’t be able to take you back to the day when your parents got it together but that’s probably not a bad thing anyway. In every other respect, this car is completely amazing. Even the engine noises have been described as “seductive”, which is sure to get anyone interested in it. Of course, this kind of quality car comes with a hefty price tag but if you can afford it then you won’t ever regret buying one.

lamborghini gallardo lp560

The German BMW Pool Car

A weird motoring story which made the news not too long ago involved an utterly weird car which you won’t ever see in car dealerships in South Jersey or elsewhere. A group of German guys were feeling a bit bored and took the frankly unusual step of turning their BMW into a swimming pool. This customised pool car had only one gear and trundled along at a maximum speed of 15mph. Local police officers were astonished to find 2,000 litres of water in the car when the owners dumped it and escaped. The police finally caught one of the passengers and are now going to charge them all.

bmw german pool car

The McLaren F1

You wouldn’t dare pour thousands of litres of water into a McLaren F1, would you? This is one of the most iconic and frankly desirable sports cars ever made. For a start, it goes from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 3.2 seconds. The top speed is 231mph and even the central driving position is exciting. This is the world’s fastest production car and some experts think that it will never lose that title. Just over 100 of them were made in total. You shouldn’t feel too bad about never getting the chance to drive one; most of the rest of us never will either.

mclaren f1

The James Bond Submarine Car

One person who gets to drive a lot of amazing cars is 007. The Aston Martin is the car we usually associate with Bond but another of his most exciting vehicles was in the news recently. The submarine car which he used in The Spy Who Loved Me was snapped up in an auction and billionaire Elon Musk later confirmed that he had bought it. Musk said that he was a bit disappointed to discover that it didn’t transform at the touch of a button like it does in the movie. Not to worry though, as he has big plans to make some changes which will let it do exactly this in the future.

james bond lotus esprit submarine car

The Flint-stones Car

This wasn’t the fastest or sportiest looking vehicle in history but it would have been great fun to drive. In fact, one guy liked the idea of riding a Flint-stones car so much that he went and built one. This also happened in Germany, which makes me think that the Germans have got something against driving normal, conventional cars liked the ones you see in car dealerships in South Jersey. Sadly, the story doesn’t end as well as you might think. You might now have an image in your head of this guy running like crazy on the autobahn while a bunch of Mercedes Benz and BMW vehicles go whizzing past him. However, when he went to register his weird car he realised that it didn’t meet many of the modern safety requirements and decided that it would only be used for exhibiting at shows instead of driving.

flintstones car

Is your favourite ever car on the list?

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