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The Volkswagen Group turned heads with the announcement that it intends to be the world’s top-selling carmaker by 2018. In truth, the volume is only a single element of Strategy 2018. But it’s the volume claim that is getting most attention — and increasing speculation.


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Could it happen? Yes. VW Group is ranked already third in worldwide sales, with Toyota and GM the manufacturers to beat, however, big they are, for VW to become number one. Is it going to happen? Actually yes, there is a very strong chance that it will.

VW sold a record 1.2 million cars in the first quarter of 2011. It is not surprising given their reliable reputation and the ease of volkswagen servicing. VW shows persistent strength in new markets and is experiencing grand success in America. So, the next question has to be: Which cars will give it control of the market? Along with its namesake commercial and passenger vehicles, its fancy cars are all global competitors. Everyday vehicles will sell most units, but don’t underestimate the power of premium brands to create offshoot sales. Without further ado, these are the cars that will make Volkswagen a world leader.

Audi A4

There are no weak links in the Audi stable, but we still love the A4, whether the sedan or Avant (wagon). This car is still the BMW 3 series main competitor, but it has worked on its own identity and is earning notable sales. The s4 spec is even better, elevating performance without sacrificing luxury.

Lamborghini Aventador

This car will not generate massive production figures, but the hype has already paid off as a big reason Volkswagen will reach Number One. Not long after being unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the Lamborghini Aventador waiting list has grown to two years.

VW Jetta

Some criticised VW for allowing the basic model 2011 Jetta to be a little too basic. Their issue was that a great price came at the cost of a lot of features. Consumers didn’t seem to mind, however, as sales of the new Jetta began strongly and remain as such.

Porsche 911

Not to bring down the other cars in Porsche’s lineup, but the key to them all is the 911. Without that, Porsche would lose something, and the Volkswagen cars lineup would be devoid of a big hitter. If you wonder why the 911 still gets so much love, you owe it to yourself to take one for a test drive.

VW Bulli

The van is back — we hope. VW of America CEO Jonathan Browning claimed that the electric Bulli was merely meant as a working concept. Maybe this was the case, or maybe not as time will tell. It is thought that it will not only hit the conveyor belts but that it’ll be a massive success and a major reason Volkswagen will get to number one.
With all that in mind, there is a strong case for VW to attain its desired position of global leader in car sales.


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