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If you want a luxury hatchback with style, sleek drive an extra space along with flexibility, than the choice should have been the Volkswagen Golf plus MPV. According to most SUV reviews it is a sophisticated and has all the well-known qualities that a Volkswagen Golf should have. It will relax you and provide entertainment in your busy life. The regular Golf is going to be useful for many purchasers; however the additional space as discussed added more flexibility. It is worth taking into consideration if you have a family.

Volkswagen Golf Plus In lots of ways the Volkswagen Golf plus MPV has the same quality & drive as regular Golf. In addition to developing shape with a 100kg more weight, therefore choose amongst the more powerful motor engines if you are likely to carry an extra load. If you take sharp turns, the additional elevation should not trigger an excessive amount of car body lean and also the trip is actually gentle as well as comfy upon fundamental models or even stronger in the event that you go for the sportier edition. The only real additional idea towards the Plus’s MPV ambition is really a small additional blowing wind sound.


Volkswagen Golf plus MPV costs £18,420 – £22,135 with a targeted cost of £16,035 – £19,520. It has an economical fuel consumption of £10 – £14. It’s also a Co2 efficient range from 114 – 152 g/km. If car is bought on Lease it would cost roundabout from£207/month.

Power & Performance:

Volkswagen Golf plus MPV has one petrol engine along with a turbo charged 1.4 litre petrol element which mix out 121 bhp horse power as a result of effective performance. It also offers two 106 turbo diesel engines along with a 2.0 litre unit with 138bhp. Its lower powered model has a strong look.

In most SUV reviews, Volkswagen Golf plus MPV resembles the newest Golf hatchback, although underneath skin it is much more associated with the actual previous design model. This is not a negative point, since it indicates that Golf plus MPV adds excellent stability in driving on a trip with comfort and ease, even though it comes a lot more than the actual hatch via bends because of its higher body.


Interior & Exterior:

Golf plus offers better visibility and front clearance because of its higher seating position, however the big dash board, little quarter front tight light windows which are at angle to screen pillars undo-options for high advantage. Else, the driver’s region is actually relaxed, along with comfortable access to any or all the major control keys as well as knobs. Discovering space for the pieces as well as bobs really should not be an issue: you will find 43 different locations in order to put all of them. Its stereo system has chunky look buttons and if touch screen control system is desired than you have to pay extra for them. Its back seat has a 60/ 40 spit feature through which one can create extra room for legs and for the luggage. Volkswagen Golf Plus

Purchasers and buyers of the Volkswagen Golf plus MPV may choose from 2 versions, along with entry-level S versions encompassing air-conditioning, dual function computer, Cd player as well as automatic electrical windows. The interiors instrumental lighting provides a sporty feel when enter in the car The greater costly SE specification provides luxury cruise manage control system, Volkswagen’s parking support feature with alloy wheels, making parallel car parking through guiding the vehicle in to areas which are hard to park the cars.

Safety & Reliability

Different SUV reviews provided that Volkswagen Golf plus MPV is nicely equipped with sophisticated security functions and features like stability manage control as well as anti-lock brakes along with digital brake force allocation along with reflexive back-up. It also contains six airbags with front head restrained which is effective in order to reduce an emergency impact. Protection package of the car is actually very good along with deadlocks, an obvious VIN as well as lots of designated components for each edition.

The actual mechanical pieces tend to be proven and tested, therefore if you adhere to the actual maintenance routine everything ought to stay trouble-free. The inside appears elegant with its chrome-ringed air vents. It is not amongst the versatile cars available in the market.


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