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Volkswagen Polo hatchback is one of the UKs favourite cars to be driven. Polo is refined, stylish and can be very nimble depending on choice of the engine. Our review is based on our own analysis of Volkswagen Polo, and automotive critique reviews published online. VW Polo is alike Volkswagen Golf from look and feel. It is often quite confusing whether to choose VW Golf or Polo, but the starting price differentiates the buyer’s choice. Polo combines comfortable ride and excellent handling on the road. Most of all, it is one of the most adorable super-mini’s in UK.

Volkswagen Polo is perfect for buyers looking for comfortable, spacious and frugal driving performance in affordable price. With all these qualities, it is liked by most automotive buyers. Car reviewers praise the Polo Hatchback because it is economical to run. Most of the published car reviews states that the entry level is underpowered and not fun to drive. The best choice is Bluemotion version which is free of tax and provides remarkable 81mpg fuel economy. However, you can choose your favourite Polo in 24 different trims.

If we compare the VW Polo with its rivals, it is underpowered as compare to its rivals. Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa offer better performance with entry-level engines. If you are looking for upscale performance and materials, then Audi A1 is the best option. However, Volkswagen Polo has its market and arguably, the best choice for car buyers.


The entry-level  Polo Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 1.2 60 S 3 door starts at £9,995 and it goes up to £19,415 with Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 1.4 TSI 180 GTI 5 doors.

Power & Performance

VW Polo entry level 1.2 litre engine is underpowered, which produces 60 bhp or 70bhp. This version is not a motorway cruiser, but it is good around the town. The 1.4 litre engine, which produces 85bhp, is good for driving long trips. The petrol engine 1.2 litre TSI produces 105bhp providing more power output with a smaller engine because of turbocharger function. All the petrol engines have the almost same economy of 51mpg. The 1.6 litre diesel engine is a new addition in the line-up in recent years comes with a choice of 75bhp or 90bhp. Furthermore, the fuel economy is better with 67mpg. Thanks to the recent addition of DSG automatic gearbox, gear system is completely refined. It was only available in higher level models of Volkswagen like VW Golf. The most economical version the Bluemotion was added in early 2010, which comes with 1.2 TDI three cylinder engine. It emits 91g/km of CO2 making the Polo tax-free. Fuel economy is extra ordinary with 81mpg, and you can drive up to 800 miles with one tank.

New Polo is great around the town, but it is not for long motorway trips. The new version is more refined with light steering and ability to turn in tight circles making it perfect for driving in the city. Polo offers good grip on the road even turning at high speeds. There is no noise inside the cabin during driving even at high-speed. Car reviewers are not happy with handling and states that Ford Fiesta offers more fun driving.

Interior & Exterior

Polo gives you the feel of upmarket car and the interior is spacious it can accommodate four adults comfortably. Surprisingly, you can stretch your legs thanks to the leg room available, which is rare in small cars. Reviewers have mixed opinions about noise in the cabin, but practically there is no noise. Noise is reduced and it is a quiet car even at high speeds on the motorway. You will find quality everywhere in the Polo. Every material is top-notch and upscale perfectly crafted to perfection. The boot space is not enough with 280 litres (thanks to good leg room). Polo is loaded with full of high-tech interior features including steel wheels, power steering, central locking, a CD stereo, height adjustable driver’s seat, multi device interface (MDI for short) with USB and iPod connections. There are many optional features, but the price will go up.

Volkswagen Polo not only drives well, but also feels good inside the cabin. You can adjust the driving seat in different ways according to your driving posture and steering wheel can be adapted according to your height. There is no blockage in the visibility while driving. Interior controls are not messed up and they can be easily accessed. VW Polo is perfectly designed and it is appraised by most of the buyers. It looks good on the road with upscale feel.

Safety & Reliability

VW Polo hatchback is one of the safest cars to drive with five out of five stars in adult occupant safety ratings awarded by Euro NCAP. This rating includes child occupant protection, adult occupant protection, and Pedestrian protection. Polo is also loaded with built-in safety features such as electronic stability program, four airbags, anti-lock brakes and WOKS (whiplash optimised head restraint system).

Polo has long history of good reliability and there are no complaints of breakdown in the past. However, some of the published reviews questions about the reliability. Polo is covered with 60,000 miles or three years warranty.

eBest Cars Verdict

Polo hatchback is cheaper to run falling in the low tax band A – E and good fuel economy. The road tax remains £0 to £115 depending on the trim.  It is in the list of top cars in the small cars class with good resale value as compare to other vehicles. You can get good Auto Insurance rate on your Polo hatchback. Check the best auto insurance quotes for your Volkswagen Polo on Aviva car insurance.

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