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New 2011 Volvo S80 is the outstanding vehicle with many positive reviews. Our ranking and analysis are based on several published reviews online and test drive data for Volvo S80. Volvo S80 is the safest car to drive and an affordable luxury vehicle.

However, if you are expecting powerful performance and extra ordinary luxury, then you need to consider something else. Nevertheless, the Volvo S80 is the best cruiser in luxury cars and probably the safest car. It has unique and decent design that attracts many customers. The interior cabin is comfortable and trendy, but does not offer the same ambience like other luxury cars.

Most of the vehicles in this class offer sports performance. The Volvo S80 is the decent performer overall in comparison. Some of the reviewers question that why choose the S80? Our answer after the analysis “Volvo safety record with affordable price”. The 2011 Volvo S80 is approved by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as “Top Safety Pick”, which means it passes all the crash tests with excellent scores. You can add more high-tech safety features that can control accidents caused by fatigue and distraction. The plus point is that Volvo S80 costs less than the competitors. If you are concerned about your budget and family safety, then most reviewers recommend this vehicle. However, if your wallet allows you to spend a couple of thousand dollars more, then you can take S80 off from your list.

The best alternative for Volvo S80 is 2011 Infiniti M, which is also rated as top safety pick. You have to spend $6,000 extra for Infiniti M. You cannot find the car in the list of luxury large cars for the price of Volvo S80. For 2011, Volvo has made significant changes and updated the engine lineup. The old V8 engine is no more available in 2011 Volvo S80.

Now, buyers can choose from 3.2 liter inline six cylinder engine, and a 3.0 liter turbo charged engine inline six cylinder. You can select between the front wheel drive and all wheel drive.

Volvo S80 Price:

Average Paid: $34,593 – $37,894, MSRP: $36,950 – $40,700, Invoice: $34,733 – $38,258

Volvo S80 Ratings:

Volvo S80 Performance: 3.9 (Average)

Volvo S80 Exterior: 4.2 (Good)

Volvo S80 Interior: 4.6 (Very Good)

Volvo S80 Safety: 5.0 (Excellent)

Volvo S80 Reliability: 4.3 (Good)

Power & Performance

Volvo is happy to keep the safety record intact on S80, leaving the hardcore acceleration and sporty handling. Most of the reviewers say that S80 gives you good handling, but it is not comparable to other German vehicles. If you are considering athleticism and extra power, then it is not the perfect car to suit your needs. Keep in mind you have to pay a couple of thousand dollars more for performance. For 2011, the old engine is being replaced with the new tweaked engine.

The base model engine comes with 3.2 liter six cylinders, which makes 240 horsepower. Although, it is the same engine that was being used in 2010 model. The other engine 3.0 liter turbo charged six cylinders, which produces 300 horsepower and 325 pound feet of torque. The old V8 engine is discontinued, but Volvo claimed that the new engine produces the same amount of torque. Still, reviewers are not happy with the new engines and all the other competitors offers V8.

However, we recommend the 3.0 liter turbo charged engine if you need some driving excitement. All the models come with six speed automatic transmission system with manual mode. Another plus is the fuel economy in S80. The test data shows with 3.2 liter engine 19 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway. The handling is most sober in the large luxury car class. It is a perfect car for a daily drive, but it cannot compete where class filled with athletic luxury large cars. The S80 offers the strong brakes, which you can always expect from Volvo safety record.

Interior & Exterior

Reviewers like the new stylish interior design, but are not happy with the materials that they do not match with standards of luxury cars. The electronics system is hard to use and materials are good for the price. The front seats are the most comfortable and supportive in its class. The same seats are available in every Volvo car.

The rear seats are also comfortable and provide adequate space. Volvo has introduced a unique set of diagram based buttons in S80, which control climate and entertainment functions. The functions and interface design is intuitive and easy to use. The navigation system on Volvo S80 is not easy to use and some of the reviewers were having trouble configuring it. The trunk space is not sufficient and is probably the smallest in its class with 14.9 cubic feet of space. You can get more space and ease to use electronics at higher price, but it is worth learning S80 controls.

The trunk space is difficult to use and reviewers are not happy with the design. The design of the S80 is unique and attractive, but it doesn’t leave much space for wide trunk. However, the rears seats can be folded to create more cargo space.

The new S80 will attract you at first glance. The new design with deep rounded shoulders and uniquely designed grill that some reviewers call masculine. However, the look is still based on the old S80 that was being introduced 10 years ago. The new look is more sophisticated and attractive.

Safety & Reliability

There is no crash test data available, but S80 is named “Top Safety Pick”. S80 receives the highest score in frontal and side impact crash tests. Volvo has the reputation of safety record, and it is maintained in 2011 S80. You can go for technology package, which includes adaptive cruise control, collision warning with auto brake, lane departure warning and driver alert systems. The Volvo S80 seems to be manufactured for safety minded people. There is also unique Personal Car Communicator system, which warns you if the car is locked or not. It also sends the signals in the remote if someone is in the car from the distance.

Volvo S80 comes with four years or 60,000 miles warranty and there is also free scheduled maintenance for three years or 36,000 miles. Volvo also provides the roadside assistance for the life of the vehicle, even if you sell the vehicle.


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