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The new Volvo S80 is a large, premium saloon alternative that appears as a very interesting alternative and competition to the E-Class from Mercedes-Benz, the 5-Series from BMW and the A6 from Audi. Most of the car reviews state that Volvo S80 is the safest alternative to its rivals. At a first glance you might not find it to be as appealing as the German competition, but the truth is that the Volvo S80 is really bold in a highly subtle way. Most people are interested in diesel engines nowadays, but Volvo S80 is also available in petrol engines of 4, 5, 6 and 8 cylinders.

The safety features equipped in the Volvo S80 are even better than usual. We thus have collision warning systems and even a special communicator that will let you know if the car has been left unlocked. It is a perfect car for people looking to buy safest alternative to premium German cars. Moreover, Volvo is famous for its safety record.

In the year 2009 Volvo made a nice upgrade to the S80 models and included a good redesign that was visible with the interior and the exterior. Features were added and the good D5 diesel engine was upgraded. Now we are faced with even more improvements and 2 chassis possibilities. The first one is focused on performance and the second one is more similar to a limousine in the sense that it offers more comfort.

Volvo S80 Prices

We have 14 different engine variants that will impact price as you select the premium ones. The cheapest one is the £25,245 Saloon 1.6 DRIVe ES, which was introduced at the end of 2009. The most expensive model is the Saloon 3.0 AWD T6 Executive Auto. For this model you have to pay £40,885. However, still cheaper than Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi

Power and Performance

We have 3 petrol engines that we can choose from. The two that stand out are the all-wheel drive 3.0 T6 and the turbocharged 2.5. Most people will want to buy a diesel engine and the truth is that the offer is quite good. Both D3 and D5 are going to smoothly accelerate although the D5 is a little raucous. You might want to think about the 1.6 diesel engine but although it is quite smooth, it is also slow.

The good news is that handling is very good although steering is a little vague on every single version. When faced with a poor road surface or low speed you will find the car to be jittery although on a good motorway the driving is really smooth. You will love the fact that the wind and road noise is little and it will not distract you. However, the suspensions will clonk when faced with poor surfaces.

Interior & Exterior

Volvo has always managed to excel from this point of view and the new S80 is no exception. It is better than ever before and has a really roomy interior. 5 adults can be easily accommodated with more comfort than it is actually needed. Leg room is sufficient for all types of passengers and the automatic climate control stands out as a standard. You might also opt for extras like heated rear seats. The only problem is that there is a lack of side support with the seats.

The Volvo S80’s design has not been modified much. We do not have an estate version and the boot is not as large as what the competition offers. You have enough space to fit a lot of luggage and you can even fold down the rear seats so that you can carry a long item.

Safety & Reliability

At the moment we do not have an official rating but we do know that Volvo S80 has always been among the safest cars from this range on the market. It has a really rigid body structure, all the airbags that you would need and many protective safety systems. We even have preventive safety features. The ones that need to be mentioned are stability control, the adaptive cruise control (an optional feature) and the blind-spot info system. In addition radar based collision warning system will let you know when it is really likely to hit another car or anything else for that matter. On the whole the car is quite safe.

Referring to reliability now, this is one vehicle that does not have major problems. The only problem is that there have been some recalls because of problems with new technology that was included. This should not be a problem as soon as all minor glitches are fixed. You are also covered with three years or 60,000 miles warranty coverage.

eBest Cars Verdict

The Volvo S80 is exactly what you would expect. The running costs are cheaper than BMW 5 Series, Mercedes Benz E Class and Audi A6 and you are likely to get good auto insurance. The five cylinder diesel engines are notably economical with over 40 mpg fuel economy. The Vehicle Excise duty depends on CO2 emissions. It is a perfect alternative for car buyers looking for economical executive saloon and 1.6 DRIVe version is recommended because the emissions are low with 129g/km and surprising 58mpg fuel economy.

Volvo S80 Pictures


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