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Many of us have different driving habits and most of them can be your worst driving habits. Some of us like to smoke during driving and some of us like to drink any liquid during driving. It can be very dangerous because little mistake can lead to car accidents.

In a case study created by our experts, we found 70% of the young British drivers either like to smoke, drink or eat food while driving and more than 80% use mobile phones during driving occasionally. More than 90% people have used mobile phone once during driving to call or text someone.

These distractions can lead to fatal accidents or harm to other motorists on the road. There is an interesting infographic created by thecarbuyingservice.co.uk on worst driving habits in UK.

worst driving habits uk

Source: http://www.thecarbuyingservice.co.uk/hints-tips/5-worst-driving-habits-in-the-uk-infographic/

Image source: Flickr


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