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Buying a car can lead to a huge headache. Finance agreements, deposits, credit checks and part exchanges take a long time and don’t always work out. You might trawl dozens of dealerships trying to negotiate a price and a vehicle package that suits you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re willing to buy a used car or not.

Of course, owning a vehicle is no picnic either. It’s expensive, and the hassle of MOTs and servicing can be too much to bear. You have a legal obligation to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy at all times. Then there is the road tax, the replacement tyres, and those pesky finance repayments. If only there were a way to avoid all that hassle?

Hire It

Hiring a car takes most of the responsibilities of car ownership out of the equation because you don’t own it. The hire company must ensure the vehicle is roadworthy and fully insured. In fact, all you need to do is turn up with your driving license and credit card, add some fuel, then drive away. For the short term, this can be one of the easiest ways to use a car you don’t own.

Unfortunately, the exact choice is usually limited to a car type like a saloon or a people carrier. Make and model might not be specified until the keys are handed over. Possibly not the best option if you’re looking for a great driving experience.

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Lease It

If you need a car for the long term, then leasing it could be ideal. You get a full choice in terms of make and model, and it’s brand new. Some companies like All Car Leasing are quite flexible in the duration of the lease so you can have a new car every couple of years if you like. All you need to do is pay a monthly amount until you’re ready to hand the car back. It’s as easy as it sounds, and could suit even young drivers. You still need to sort out your own car insurance, but some leases will include maintenance and servicing.

Borrow It

If you have a comprehensive insurance policy, you might be permitted to drive any other vehicle than your own, with the owner’s permission, of course. This is usually a limited cover, though, so not many car owners will be too keen to do this. Still, it is legal if the vehicle is not a hire car or for taxiing. If you don’t own your own car, you can be added to the car owner’s policy, so you are fully covered to drive it.

Things to Consider While Buying Used Cars

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Company Car

Some company cars are issued to employees as part of their benefits package. Terms vary, so check what your responsibilities are. A fleet car, however, is borrowed from the business ad hoc. Usually, you return to your company’s premises at the end of the day.

Test Drive

Dealerships regularly use test drives as part of their sales effort. You will need your driver’s license, but all other obligations on the car are down to the dealership. In many cases, you can drive off the lot for the afternoon unaccompanied by the sales person. Unfortunately, you will have to take it back!


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