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  • Imahe Credit: extremetech.com

    What Makes Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sedan the Car of the Future?

    In next Summers in Europe, Toyota is ready to launch its new Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sedan in UK. The car is said to have amazing efficiency which will make you forget about the electronic vehicles (EVs), making it the car of the future. According to CNET report, Toyota has decided to launch its first hydrogen fuel cell Sedan for 40,000 Pounds to compete among all […]

  • Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 V8 Review

    Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 V8 Review

    Toyota Land Cruiser is a great off-road SUV that offers powerful performance with the power of V8. The huge seven-seat 4×4 SUV has strong body and comes with plenty of pre-loaded features. Most of the car reviews aren’t impressed with the huge size because you cannot do tight manoeuvres. It is surely a supreme SUV, but lack class to beat the competitors. Land Cruiser V8 […]