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Review of: BMW Z4 Roadster
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Ahmad Wali
£27,615 - £45,815

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On December 8, 2013
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BMW Z4 Roadster is a dream car of many and it won't disappoint you with its performance, style and luxury. One of the best roadsters with high resale values, which makes Z4 stands out.

The all new BMW Z4 Roadster looks cool and drives like a proper sports cars. Our review is based on analysis of various car reviews published online for BMW Z4 Roadster. Every time you get inside the car, it won’t disappoint you and will make you feel proud. There is nothing to regret on your decision when you are buying a Z4 Roadster, it has class, luxury and performance altogether blended.

Thanks to strong engines, smooth drive and amazing looks, which makes it stand out from the class. Inside cabin has no match with all the class it holds that will make you feel esteemed. However, it does not offer much boot space when the roof is down. You will find it difficult to choose between Porsche Boxster, BMW Z4 Roadster and Audi TT Roadster. Most of the Car reviewer’s state that Audi TT is more fun to drive, but you cannot ignore the efficient BMW TwinPower Turbo four and six-cylinder petrol engines.

BMW Z4 Roadster Price



Roadster 2.0 sDrive18i


Roadster 2.0 sDrive20i


Roadster 2.0 sDrive18i M Sport


Roadster 2.0 sDrive20i M Sport


Roadster 2.0 sDrive28i


Roadster 2.0 sDrive28i M Sport


Roadster 3.0 sDrive35i


Roadster 3.0 sDrive35i M Sport


Roadster 3.0 sDrive35iS DCT


 Power & Performance

Z4 Roadster transforms in to an authentic sports coupe with just a touch of a button thanks to its retractable hard-top. BMW Z4 has long choice of trims and engine to choose from, the entry-level 2.0 litre 18i with sDrive offers reasonable performance. The 20i version has 181bhp that pulls hard from low revs. The 28i with M badge offers 242bhp with acceleration of 0-62mph in just over six seconds. If you want a true performance of a sports car, then you may want to consider the 3.0 litre sDrive 35i M Sport or 3.0 litre sDrive 35iS DCT.

When it comes to handling you will find the blend of comfort, control, agility, and tight grip. Every model is equipped with Dynamic Drive Control, which allows you to adjust the response of the steering to every situation. The M badge models are not highly appreciated by most car reviews because of firm suspension ruins the ride.

It has a folding metal roof, as we’ve seen that the Porsche Boxster has done a great job with fabric roof, but Z4 is quieter and become a sports coupe when the roof is up. There is less wind and road noise even at high speeds and less buffeting. There is roaring engine noise when you want it and that is what every roadster is all about.

Interior & Exterior

The high-end versions like 35i have electric-powered seats, but on low-ends like 18i, you need to adjust the seats manually. You will likely to get a good driving position because it provides great low driving posture. The dashboard buttons are easy to use and Sat-Nav option adds BMW iDrive infotainment system.

It lacks boot space, but you never buy a roadster for travelling with your wardrobe. There is enough room for driver and passenger to stretch their legs and enjoy the ride. If you are looking for boot space in a roadster, then you may want to consider large cabriolets.

All models are well-equipped except the entry-level 18i. The standard features include Dual climate zone, leather seats, automatic xenon lights, DAB, Bluetooth, and a USB socket. The 18i version is not the best option because it is poorly equipped and there is less number of standard equipment.

Safety & Reliability

BMW Z4 Roadster has quality equipment and smarter cabin with top-notch materials than any other roadster. BMW has a good reliability record and there is no reports for problems or breakdown in past. However, it didn’t perform well in JD Power survey. You are also covered with BMW warranty of 12 years for body work, 3 years for paint work, and 2 years warranty with unlimited number of miles.

It comes with precise handling and stability control system adds up to safety of the vehicle. There are four standard airbags, deadlocks, locking wheel nuts and alarm to keep you safe and secure. There is no crash test data available on EuroNCAP for 2014 model.

eBest Cars Verdict

Z4 Roadster isn’t cheap to buy and own, but you will be paying similar for any other roadster like Audi TT or Porsche Boxster. If you want to Go Green, then choose the 20i or 28i versions because they have good fuel consumption and surprisingly low emissions. BMW Z4 Roadster has strong resale values, it will make your car more valuable after few years. The 20i and 28i versions are the greenest, average CO2 emissions will remain between 151-165g/km to 201-225g/km depending on the model. It falls in vehicle tax bands G-k, which means about £175-£280 per year tax rate.

BMW Z4 Roadster Pictures

BMW Z4 Roadster is a dream car of many and it won't disappoint you with its performance, style and luxury. One of the best roadsters with high resale values, which makes Z4 stands out.

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