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£17,505 - £27,765

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On August 28, 2013
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The UK's favourite Mini Cooper Convertible is a blend of economy and performance. Due to huge demand in UK, it has high resale values, but it cannot be compared with high-end convertibles.

The UK’s favourite Mini Cooper Convertible offers all the driving and excitement that you can imagine. Our review is based on analysis of different Mini Cooper Convertible published reviews and data available on Mini website. It offers good balance of economy with great driving performance in the city. However, it is not appealing as the hatchback version due to less sharp driving. It is a perfect Mini that will provide all the fun of hatchback, while you can enjoy the open top long drives.

Running costs aren’t that much high for Mini Cooper Convertible. It has high resale values because of high demand in UK for both Cooper and Cooper S. This love-able mini is affordable and economical to drive with stop start system, new brake energy regeneration and transmission change indicator. If you push the car to its limits, it won’t offer good average per gallon.

Mini Cooper Convertible Price

There are too many versions of Mini Cooper Convertible available price range £17,505 – £27,765.

Power & Performance

Mini Cooper and Cooper S models have 1.6 litre turbocharged petrol engines and the John Cooper Works has a more powerful customized engine that produces 211bhp. It is the same engine that is used in Mini Challenger. Mini Cooper Convertible body weight is more than the hatchback version, but it is more agile with 0-60 in 7.3 seconds with Cooper S and 6.9 Seconds with John Cooper Works modified engine.

You will love the ride inside the convertible thanks to responsive steering, perfectly balanced modifications and JCW offers the sharpest driving experience. However, car reviews states that its driving is rigid and you will feel the bumps and body shake.

Interior & Exterior

There isn’t any issue for tall drivers and most people can comfortably enjoy the ride of brilliant Mini Cooper Convertible. However, due to close proximity of rear seats, you may find it hard to push the driver seats back. When you are inside the car, it offers average rear visibility when the roof is down and wind deflectors are up. There are standard parking sensors that will help you park your car without any trouble.

Mini Convertible looks comfortable apparently, but the rear passengers have to adjust themselves because of shortage of space. The more disappointment for your rear passengers when the roof is down, due to confined space. There is enough room in the boot to hold couple of travelling bags and it can be aided with roof up to 35 degrees. And if you are not using back seats, you can fold them to have extra storage.

There are plenty of standard equipment like simple Mini Cooper Convertible have 15 inch alloy wheels and parking sensors. The Cooper S model have 16 inch alloy wheels, leather trimmed steering wheel, run flat tyres, bonnet air scoop and the John Cooper Works adds 17 inch alloy wheels and JCW trimmed speedometer and logos.

Safety & Reliability

Mini interior and quality benchmark with the owner BMWs vehicles. Everything looks of high quality including fixture and fittings. However, some of the reviewers did not like the bad taste on selection of switches inside the car. Although, there is no complaints from customers and they are happy with Mini Cooper according JD Power & Associates 2012 ratings.

There are plenty of safety features like front and side airbags, stability control, traction control, and there are two pop up hoops that rolls out in an event you loss the roof. There is no Euro NCAP crash test data available for Mini Cooper Convertible, but the similar hatchback version received 5 out 5 star ratings.

eBest Cars Verdict

The running costs aren’t that much high and the vehicle resale value will remain high because of high demand in UK. The standard model is more earth friendly with around 101-110 CO2 emissions per gallon per kilometer. The road tax falls is B-G range about £20-£175 based on 12 months rate. It is a good alternative for expensive convertibles and you can enjoy the ride by choosing John Cooper Works 2.0D with sport pack. However, the similar Mini One Convertible will cost you less and offers similar feel and ride.

The UK's favourite Mini Cooper Convertible is a blend of economy and performance. Due to huge demand in UK, it has high resale values, but it cannot be compared with high-end convertibles.

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